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Drive-time radio favourites Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are back together and continuing the laughs, thanks to the magic of podcast!


  • Rach Interviews Paulie On Her New Show - You've Gotta Start Somewhere

    02/04/2017 Duración: 05min

    If you loved Paul and Rach then come over to Rach's new podcast 'You've Gotta Start Somewhere' and check out her interview with Paul Murray about his career and all the crazy stuff they got up to when they hosted drive on Triple M. Subscribe here if you listen to podcasts through iTunes or here if you're one of those people who hates it when people assume everyone uses iTunes. For more information about each episode check out the website: Share the show on twitter with the hashtag #YGSS iTunes link: Subscribe elsewhere:

  • Paul And Rach Farewell

    23/04/2016 Duración: 01min
  • Ep84: Dog College, The Death Of Journalism And The Many Minds Of Siri

    15/04/2016 Duración: 27min

    In episode eighty-four of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss Rach's male physique, the importance of saying no, why flying sucks and the death of journalism.  They chat about the many minds of Siri, what the back pocket means in relationships, where you can take fishing rods to a restaurant and what happens at dog college.

  • Ep83: Marriage Finances, 4 Ply Toilet Paper And The Neck Fat Phenomenon

    08/04/2016 Duración: 33min

    In episode eighty-three of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss Rach's radio past, what Apple Maps and your dad have in common, why Easter eggs have changed and why they need to have a word with the people at Lindt.  They chat about why anyone is buying 4 ply toilet paper, the poo museum, how you can tell you're getting old and what leaving Hotmail says about you.  They talk about how they can't understand why people have a problem with lock out laws, the time Rach tried to be a DJ, the neck fat phenomenon and why Rach's dad has a taser.

  • Ep82: The Art Of Spruiking, The Joy Of Silence And The Yoni Massage

    24/03/2016 Duración: 32min

    In episode eighty-two of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are back in the same room together, discussing the joys of having your weekend on a Tuesday, Glenn Lazarus' obsession with footy metaphors, how the Easter Show could save the economy and why Paulie is confused about Jeebers.  They chat about the time Paulie's dad won 'dad of the year,' the yoni massage, the art of spruiking, Erin Andrews' and why Rach loves silence.  They talk about the Grand Prix, who's paying $120,000 for a car, people who have no control over their limbs and the best de-friending trick for Facebook.  As always they wrap it up with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep81: Paul And Rach 'LIVE' In Tamworth

    17/03/2016 Duración: 16min

    In episode eighty-one of Paul and Rach, it's another dial-up edition as Paulie Skypes in live from Tamworth.  They remotely discuss Madonna's penchant for being fashionably late, the greatest scam of our time, why posties are taking us all for a ride and why Rach is in trouble with 2.0.  They talk about the bravest social move ever, douchie cafe behaviour and Regional Radio Man pops by for a chat.

  • Ep80: Panic Presents, Kiddie Jesus And The Petri Dish Of Day Care

    10/03/2016 Duración: 34min

    In episode eighty of Paul and Rach, it's Rach's birthday and Paulie finally meets 2.0. They discuss how Rach tore out 2.0's heart, the disaster of the panic present, Rach's 'accidental' NRMA fraud and why Paulie is the Exxon Valdez.  They talk about the terror of opening mail, the two things that go wrong in a car, the doorway effect and Regional Radio Man comes to say hello.  They chat about why we know nothing about kid Jesus, the annoyance of people who milk it when they're sick, the worst way to celebrate International Women's Day and when you can smell people all day.  They finish up with a five-star shout out and Regional Radio Man guest reads Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep79: Small Weddings, The Mounted Police And Cold Chicken Schnitzel

    03/03/2016 Duración: 26min

    In episode seventy-nine of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are live via Skype while Paulie is living it large in Cooma.  They discuss Paulie's entourage, why Rach is OCD, the Oscars, the mounted police and how you can be too clean.  They chat why Paulie is pro-Trump, why Rach feels like a meth head, the reality of one word reviews and why small weddings are the way of the future.  They wrap it up with a five star shout out so Paulie can finally get to eating his chicken schnitzel.

  • Ep78: Monkeys Eating Pumpkin With Sunglasses On

    25/02/2016 Duración: 39min

    In episode seventy-eight of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why Rach could do a drag show and why she's never drinking again.  They talk about why Canberra is Paulie's porn, how Rach is running a window shopping service for criminals, what to do when you see a stranger lying and monkeys eating pumpkin with sunglasses on (don't ask).  They ask what's the deal with receipts, ponder how we can fix the environment in the supermarket, why it's a punish being stuck behind the Hop On Hop Off bus and how people can be dicks.  They discuss stupid criminal news, the ham burgler, how to get cheap air conditioning in summer and they take someone to town for a 2-star shout out.  As always they wrap it up with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep77: Kanye West, Podcasting Gypsies And Why Rach Is Afraid Of Puddles

    19/02/2016 Duración: 32min

    In episode seventy-seven of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why they're the gypsies of podcasting, Rach's latest course obsession, how many times you can say 'like' before you get punched in the face and why networking SUCKS.  They chat about the small business women Paul met in Las Vegas, why there are gears in an automatic car, what Paulie did to a rental and they 'alert the papers' over some underwhelming news.  They talk embarrassing bodies, disappointing photos and why Rach was bird watching with Bill Oddie.  They discuss what you should do before buying anything, why companies should call you back, Kanye's pleas for money and why Rach is afraid of puddles.  As always they finish up with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep76: Paul And Rach Have Their First Fight Over Jelly

    12/02/2016 Duración: 34min

    In episode seventy-six of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are doing the show from a disease zone and they chat about Paulie's new weight loss tips, the five-two diet, what Rach would do for a red Powerade and they have their first fight over jelly.  They discuss Rach's lone chin pube, the embarrassment of buying emergency loo roll, the latest from Jada Pinkett Smith and the most ridiculous thing in the Oscars goodie bag.  They talk about the waste of money that is luxury toilet paper, why the celebs on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here are doing gossip columnists jobs for them and why people get frightened by chopsticks.  They discuss why Rach's dad thinks he's Asian, the latest on Gav and Waz from The Block, why we need to rename the 'bucket list' and what Rach will be like when she's old.  As always they wrap it up with a five-star shout out and Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep75: Paul And Rach LIVE From An Actual Radio Studio

    04/02/2016 Duración: 26min

    In episode seventy-five of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are LIVE from an actual radio studio! They talk about Paulie's very ample bosom, Rach's super power that isn't really a super power, why Paul loved Dirty Grandpa and Robert DeNiro's version of macrame class.  They discuss why Rach could go to jail and why she'd love it, where journalism goes to die, why we're all still pretending we don't know pregnant women are pregnant and the embarrassment of asking for loo roll. They chat about why Rach loves cleaners, whether you would go on I'm A Celebrity and they finish up with a 5 star shout out.

  • Ep74: Alien Babies, Spot The Difference And We Go Back To Spoiler Town

    22/01/2016 Duración: 36min

    In episode seventy-four of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why Rach is wearing Paulie's clothes, why a bunch of ladies think they've given birth to alien babies, why corporate Australia has us fooled and they take a return trip to Spoiler Town.  They talk about what Rach wears to bed, why Paulie deserves a medal for his lawn, Rach's beat boxing dreams and they ask some 'Questions for Paulie.'  They chat about their pet peeves, the worst internet fad ever, why students think they can get away with things in class and they play 'Spot the Difference' Picture Magazine Edition.  As always they finish up with a five-star shout and Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep73: Frozen Chickens, Taking Photos With An IPad And Paulie's Fight With Samuel L Jackson And Kurt Russell

    15/01/2016 Duración: 41min

    In episode seventy-three of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why Rach is like a frozen chicken, how Paulie was turned down by Quentin Tarantino, the guy who tattooed his privates and Paulie actually answers a question in Questions for Paulie.  They chat about why natural cleaning products are a waste of time, whether paleo food is meant to taste off, the joys of the local public pool and why flight attendants should stop using bandaids.  They talk about the petri dish of heated pools, the worst excuse for assault, the ridiculousness of taking photos with an iPad and they introduce a new segment: 'Spoiler Town'.  As always they finish up with a five-star shout out and Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep72: 'Live' From Altiyan Child's Cave

    07/01/2016 Duración: 46min

    In episode seventy-two of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss the punish of buying for a one year old, why Rach wouldn't get a photo with Santa, the man who lost his willy and the worst type of special cuddles you can have.  They chat about first date etiquette, the Chris Gayle saga, why Rach is off the feminist Christmas card list and the secrets of article headlines.  They talk about the poltergeist in Rach's garage, the greatest thing about renting, how far you'd go to get out of jail and how useless you become when you move to the city.  The give a bunch of Mad Rooters a five-star shout out and finish up with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep71: Lamb Skin Prophylactics, Hospital Ambience And What Paulie And George Clooney Have In Common

    27/11/2015 Duración: 44min

    In episode seventy-one of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are back after two weeks in the iTunes wilderness.  They discuss the punish of traveling wth kids, what Paulie has in common with George Clooney, wearing active wear to court and Rach's new TV show idea.  They chat about why Rach changed her mind about Anthony Mundine, why hospitals should have a think about their ambience and whether Bindi Irwin is hot yet.  They talk about vacuums and hand dryers, why Rach doesn't care about the environment and is angry at the elderly  and why Lindsay Buckingham is a douche.  They hear from a few porn stars, discuss a new banana app idea and talk about why HIV is the least controversial thing Charlie Sheen has ever done.  They finish up with a 5-star shout out to some awesome Mad Rooters and Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep70: Hoarding, Boring Expos And Why Cats Is The Worst

    05/11/2015 Duración: 38min

    In episode seventy of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss the consequences of hoarding, the over the shoulder reverse park, the no mans land of the Melbourne Cup and bucks parties and the yawn of the expo.  They talk about how veneers always make you look dodgy, how the musical Cats has lasted so long, the worst engagement ring ever and why the media need to leave Jarryd Hayne alone.  They chat about why Woolies baskets always want to stick together, the chick who's quitting instagram and the confidence of going topless at the beach.  As always they finish off with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep69: Rach's Radio Feud, The Book Of Jaden Smith And The Gong Of International Consequence

    29/10/2015 Duración: 34min

    In episode sixty-nine of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss Rach's first ever radio feud, why missing a call from Paulie is the worst thing ever and the unsurprising news that bacon is bad for us.  They chat about why the national anthem is boring, the Back to the Future prediction that did come true, hate mail and the gong of international consequence.  They educate Rach on the way the internet works, talk about why Russia's gonna steal the internet, the hottest dorm room restaurant in NYC and 'famous' photos at Harry's Cafe de Wheels.  They discuss Halloween etiquette, why there's one day a year it's ok to get candy from a stranger, the weirdness of internet relationships, the book of Jaden Smith and the BS of modern art.  They talk about why cleaners are the smartest people in the world, why Paulie yells and poor people and they finish up with a 5 star shout out and Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep68: Holy Linkedin, Sweaty Man Boobs And The Truth About Long Term Relationships

    23/10/2015 Duración: 35min

    In episode sixty-eight of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss sweaty man boobs, why camping sucks, Holy Linkedin and why they're scared of swearing on twitter.  They chat about Oprah buying into Weight Watchers, Rach's terrible financial advice, the new Star Wars and the truth about long term relationships.  They talk about how forgetfulness can help a relationship, the phenomenon that is Dr Pimple Popper, why Playboy is turning over a new leaf and Rach's Snapchat confusion.  They discuss email mix ups, whether dry cleaning is a scam, how to pretend you're a stylist and they give a 5 star shout out to a mad rooter.  As always they finish up with Rach's Story Time.

  • Ep67: Wiliam Shatner, Donald Trump And Paulie's Celebrity Crush

    15/10/2015 Duración: 43min

    In episode sixty-seven of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why the Bathurst pits are like the UN, Rach's David Copperfield impersonation, the weird things that make you horny and Paulie's celebrity crush.  They chat about why William Shatner is Paulie's new best friend, why anyone would rent their 12 bedroom house out on Airbnb and how The Today Show has helped Rach's relationship.  They talk about Donald Trump's face, the most antiquated presentation ever and Rach's oversharing yoga teacher.  They discuss adult colouring in books, why anyone gives bath salts as a gift and they finish up with a Five Star Shoutout.

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