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New Monthly Show New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - When you find your Soul, you will find meaning and purpose. The laws of creation and the speed of time have changed all of existence is in the process of rising from a chaotic state to a healthy and fertile vibration. What's next, and how do we get there is driving our consciousness. The new state of living is being called forth out of the uncertainty and chaos and people are ready to experience a new blueprint for living. A New Soul Blueprinttrade. This new soul blueprint will be examined through the 5 declarations of a new soul. The foundational teachings of this radio show reveal the profound inner ability each human has to access and fulfill their individual soul script. Awakening this ability leads to the mastery of onersquos destiny The concepts are totally original, immensely powerful and completely revolutionary they ignite an infinite fire within each listener, fuelling onersquos ability to live out their individual soul script. About Ruby -Ruby Bedi is a powerful Spiritual Thought Leader, a Modern Mystic and Clairsentient. Born in India to a Hindu mother and Sikh father, Ruby Bedi attended a Catholic School while being raised by a Buddhist nanny. These multi-religious experiences served her Soul Purpose to the fullest. After spending her childhood under the tutelage of Indiarsquos great spiritual teachers, Ruby came to Canada as a young adult where a shattering spiritual breakthrough in 1992 transformed her from an Indian socialite to a successful entrepreneur and self-realized master with one single goal to awaken human beings to their fullest potential. This breakthrough instantly connected her to a different dimension and several enlightened and divine beings she began integrating their collective wisdom and used her phenomenal abilities to guide others. Born clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, she set up her lsquomind labrsquo, where she integrated her energy, time, and space to come into complete awareness and self- realization. To integrate her lifersquos work and purpose, she co-founded lnlighten Global, a non-profit spiritual organization aimed at alleviating the hurt and suffering we are burdened with today. Through workshops, active meditations, mass healing events and crowd- dialogues she has spread her simple and radical techniques with utmost clarity, simplicity, humor and deep love. Her thought provoking strategies are eye opening and a bolt of lightning that offer immediate quantum speed transformation and a new way of connecting to ourselves and our environment.


  • Make Your Life Count!

    Make Your Life Count!


    You matter, and what you do matters to the world. Make your existence profound and meaningful by following your Big Plan

  • Action: The Masterstroke

    Action: The Masterstroke


    If you feel you are done practising life, you are ready for quick success then start to ACT now. Masterstroke will make you win against all odds, you will achieve more than you intended, you will master the art of solving problems with full spirit power.

  • Be Bold: The Call of the Future

    Be Bold: The Call of the Future


    The bold will go where on one else dares to go, they sit on the edge of the known and the unknown fearlessly and boldly pull their future potential self into their present self creating all possible realities and big impacts with smallest actions. They are the future leaders.

  • Transparency is the New Norm

    Transparency is the New Norm


    Transparency is the finest quality of consciousness which allows us to see right through our inner and outer natures. In this state, you can see everything, agendas, emotions, thoughts and all things hidden, without judgement, known as the Gaze of God. Why should we be transparent? When we become transparent we experience increased tolerance, a sense of togetherness and safer communities, which all work towards a more sustainable planet for us to enjoy. We all want fast and healthy personal, spiritual and financial growth, so how do we get there? We are now living our humanity in a brand new way and it demands we shift our focus from the Individual to the Community so we can create high-grade building blocks for a true democratic society built on the foundation of transparency. Dont confuse transparency with truth, authenticity, or even honesty. Its none of those things, its much more than a quality we use when its convenient, its a state of being. Its a greater truth, one we must know if we are to be better

  • Recalibrate to the Cosmic Consciousness

    Recalibrate to the Cosmic Consciousness


    Recalibrate: There comes a time in our lives when we take a good look into our mind and take inventory of our dreams, ideas and goals. We look at who we are and what we truly want. More than ever, that time is Now. In the current environment of social and political change, we are being forced to look into the mirror. Our personal and collective chaos is pushing us to open our eyes and choose our realities as the old ones may not be working for us. When time shifts, everything shifts. We are in the midst of the biggest shift. We are looking at what we truly believe, what we doubt, and what we absolutely dont believe. This includes ethics, morality, right and wrong. Theres an inner fear that we dont fit, and we are looking for a fit. We are also sitting at the cusp. At the threshold of a new world that is more real, tangible, with touch and feel, that is true and transparent. That is not just a fantasy bound by our limited imagination. The answer is to recalibrate, we move back into our consciousness, the mothe

  • The 1st Declaration- ADAPT TO THE NEW SPEED OF TIME

    The 1st Declaration- ADAPT TO THE NEW SPEED OF TIME


    For the first time ever, humanity can adapt to the new speed of time. In this era of increased speed of time, space, thoughts, learning and absorption of ideas, the old way of setting goals is powerless. The new overarching goal is to live spontaneously from moment to moment with optimal agility and flexibility, while accepting the speed of the change. Watch LIVE on Facebook! Go to:

  • New Soul Science - What Does it Mean for YOU?

    New Soul Science - What Does it Mean for YOU?


    The Powerhouse, the Source has changed therefore there is a new set of Declarations for the Soul, New Codes, New Rules for the best possible outcomes. It's time for New habits, a New Way doing things, New Behaviour Patterns. Tune-in and learn about Ruby Bedi's tools to support your transformation.Watch LIVE on Facebook: Go to New Soul ScienceAn 8 week introductory course with Ruby BediSIGN UP NOW!