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Where Music and Technology Converge. The VocaCenter.net team talks about what's happening in the world of singing voice synthesizers such as VOCALOID and UTAU. From music, videos, art and all other creative projects that can be done involving the singing voice synthesizers, we hope to cover it in the VocaCenter.net podcast!


  • Welcome to the VocaCenter.net Podcast!

    Welcome to the VocaCenter.net Podcast!

    28/11/2017 Duración: 02min

    After three-year-long hiatus, The Vocaloid Center team will soon go back on the air as VocaCenter.net begins its podcast on not only just VOCALOID but also any singing voice synthesizer such as UTAU! Visit us: vocacenter.net Join our team: bit.ly/JoinVocaCenter Email: info@vocacenter.net