Wakefield District Audio Tours


Guided walks through parks and woodland accompanied by Ranger Dave Mee and walking companion Diane


  • Haw Park Wood

    Haw Park Wood

    24/11/2014 Duración: 33min

    Point 1 From the car park we’ll walk the half mile to the entrance to the woodland where we’ll see Larch or Pines, soon to be replace with native trees such as Oaks and Hazels. This will make the woodland a better habitat for native flora and fauna. Point 2 Watertons watch tower. Charles Waterton created the world’s first nature reserve here in the grounds of Walton Hall and part of Haw Park wood. Point 3 The wall was built to keep poachers out and protect the wildlife within. It’s three miles long and an average of nine feet high. Point 4 Five Ways - you may find where the pixies live… Point 5 Here are some of the rarest trees in the county, Wild Service trees whose fruit was used in medieval times for flavouring beer. Point 6 Blue Bridge spanning the old Barnsley canal dated 1828. Point 7 The beautiful Cold Hiendley reservoir, constructed to top up the canal due to use of the locks. Point 8 Fox Well, named after the foxes seen regularly watering here. Point 9 From here, if you’re quiet and still you m