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  • Snitching Pt 2 Ep 59

    Snitching Pt 2 Ep 59

    15/05/2020 Duración: 01h24min

    Covid 19 Stopped the World…. It dint stop the Content! KOTR are in the building , Rest in Power, first and foremost to the Black Kings Indianapolis’s own Sean Reed, and Georgian Ahmed Aubrey , both gunned down on film we pay respect and discuss again why the system hates Black men . This is an Action packed edition all over the board here with HOT HOT HOT TAKES! Boosie vs D Wade Pt 2 The Last Dance MJ The Goat or Nah? Friendship Accountability Double Standard Parenting Can Women Accept the Truth ? Snitching : The 69 saga continued … Featuring Q from 3 PTS Podcast … If the on demand Audio is fire then , the next level is crazy ! Enjoy us on Youtube: This is an Production of Impulse Productions LLC

  • Stand On IT!!!!! Ep 58

    Stand On IT!!!!! Ep 58

    27/02/2020 Duración: 59min

    Ep 58 Stand On IT! Kicking the Fans always with a dope podcast to rock too. The Knight of the Round Table are Back in full form and ready to Drop these Hot takes !!! . Kobe , Gig and 7 other people who lost their lives we talk about the energy Vanessa Bryant showed . Segment 1 Love and Respect for Homies Rip Pop Smoke Life of Marco…. Indianapolis Calls The Feds * Kobe memory * Wilder vs Fury * Boosie Vs D-Wade * Are You a “Stan”?? * Snoop Vs Red Table & Gayle Segment 2 Lil Baby The Hottest Young Rapper Today? “My” Top 5 Rappers Told by KORT Segment 3 Bernie Sanders & Socialist for Americans Is the Way? Controversial Critic : Youtuber !!!!!!!!!!!!! & Fact Checking !!! If the On demand Audio is fire then , the next level is crazy ! Enjoy us on Youtube: This is an Production of Impulse Productions LLC

  • Mental Health Is Real ? Ep 57

    Mental Health Is Real ? Ep 57

    26/01/2020 Duración: 48min

    The Mic is On and the Knights are in the Building and the topics are on fire with this edition . The ep is the Brining the real and hard talk topics , Attractivism , colorism , Racism are they still a major thing in 2020 . Tyler Perry is back making movies and there are a lot of thoughts about it good or bad the knights dive into the mess of Black Productions . Can women can Accountability? The Stream Wars Netflix give us a major program to check out and it Lets you know in this date in age of social media your digital footprint can get you caught fast than you know . NBA talk and more ..... The Bacon Man Attractivism , colorism , Racism Mental health A Fall From Grace NBA talk Young Boy even a Good Rapper ? Whats a Stream in 2020 pt 3..... and more .... This a Production of Impulse Productions LLC For more hot content check us out on Youtube:

  • Goat Talk Ep 55

    Goat Talk Ep 55

    15/01/2020 Duración: 31min

    The Knights Of the Round Table are in the Building to Start off 2020 with Major energy. Happy New Year to all our fans in the Podcast world . The Full Knights are here to drop some HOTTTTTT Fire Takes and a special call in guest hops on the Line to give the biggest By far Take on this podcast to date . Fuck One , Kill One , Marry One Nicki Minaji , Rihanna , Jada Pinka- Smith Is Nicki That Good??? Hating : What is the thin Line Best Sports Movie of All time Battle of the Black Guys : Denzel Vs Samuel L vs Jamie Foxx W/ Warren Peace of Socially Awkward Radio Morgan Freeman Underrated? Best Actor Ever and more ... Hit us up to Chat if you Enjoy Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse Instagram : dominatingimpulse_ Subscribe on YT: This is a production of Impulse Productions LLC

  • Is Lizzo a Plant? Mini Ep 54.5

    Is Lizzo a Plant? Mini Ep 54.5

    13/12/2019 Duración: 29min

    This week we drop this Podcast with a Heavy Heart RIP, bless the dead young and up coming rapper Juice Wrld passed away this audit major controversy. The Staples Center is rocking Heavy & its not because of basketball . The R&B star Lizzo crashes the Staples center , and has a LOT to say and show. What is a Stream and does marketing & PR moves play a vital role in today musical climate. Juice Wrld & Americas Drug Issue What is a Stream The New Movement In Hollywood and Entertainment Kanye Mental Health vs Lizzo Attention seeking Dwayne Wade & Family Foundation and more........

  • Queen  Slim ep 54

    Queen & Slim ep 54

    03/12/2019 Duración: 01h30min

    Black Media and propaganda are hot button topics in todays social media consumed world , The King Of the Podcast is here to give the real soon to the people from the creative sense of seeing thing. Fall is in effect with Thanksgiving behind us , we hear back on the Mic on serve the people with this Hot tea in the streets . Here to always give you guys a dope Podcast to rock to , The Knights of the Round Table are in the building. The Stream Wars Heat up and Disney is playing for keeps will they finally put Netflicks to bed. We Also ask some real deal questions forced on parenting sex and more ..... Batman The Goat Watchmen Explained Queen & Slim Full Break Down Stream Wars : Disney Plus The Irishmen Feminism vs Misogyny Are we Sure Women Cheating is worst ? and more..........

  • Do Any For Clout?! Ep 52

    Do Any For Clout?! Ep 52

    22/11/2019 Duración: 57min

    Back Into Your ears with another Hot one . Its The King of The Podcast and the Knights of the Round Table here to pleasure your fans with with Hot Topics on thing we all like and love . This episode is action pacing fire and is not for the weak hearted. Collin Kaepernick has become one the most polarizing figures in the world today , not the NFL. The stance is a defining moment in sports , politics , and pop culture in general . Racism has become the popular topic today is it a real thing or will it die down? Colin Kaepernick versus the NFL Omarion unbothered The mental stripper Summer Walker Saga Is Drake the Goat And more......

  • Snitching Ep 50

    Snitching Ep 50

    20/09/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    50 Shows Made it to the Big Leagues !! Thank you for all the fans who rode with us along the way. This action packed episode bring the heat like all the others . The 6ix9ine story continues as he gets the Newport & Coffee treatment Dead Summer? Nicki Minaj Retires Football Best time of Year 6ix9ine Snitching Tim Tebow vs Getting Paid Is Bullying Real? Social Media Runing the world Is Reggie Bush the Best CFB RB ever? The Stream Wars Continues And more Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies This is a Production of Impulse Productions LLC

  • DO Girls Run The World

    DO Girls Run The World

    10/09/2019 Duración: 55min

    Do Girls Run The World HOT Take HOT Take ! We back on the mic and rocking and rolling , we the news you can use. The Knights of the round table are back in the building. The summer is winding down so we have discuss a few things with best fans in the world. Talking about dating with your Children Andrew Luck & Mental Health Living as Biracial in America Do Girls Run The World ? 13 Reasons Why season 3 ! The rain forest in on fire ! And more !!!!!!

  • Vol 3 The Fun Guy

    Vol 3 The Fun Guy

    11/07/2019 Duración: 01h41min

    The Summer is Here & we back at it again with another dope Podcast to Rock to . HOT TAKE HOT TAKE HOT TAKE Quite a few of those in this edition which is Action Packed, Not the Comicbook Style we normally give but we enjoy catching the pace you guys & gals . The NBA Finals Recap The Fun Guy Top 5 Players When They See US Oprah VS Michale Jordan Pay to Play Continued…… Could You Date a Stripper ? Are you A baby Mama or Sister Wife ? Who Gets over Break Ups Faster Whats is a Stream STAN!!! And more………….

  • Trail By Fire End of Vol II

    Trail By Fire End of Vol II

    05/06/2019 Duración: 01h11min

    Welcome back to The Hottest Podcast on the Web We dive into all thing comics media and pop culture entertainment . The Ionic Intro monolog is back with a Hot Take Topic to open the show . We discuss IP and what it means for creators. We dive into the Sports & and Music world as well Knight of The Round Table here to drop Gems. Dark Knight Intro DC vs Marvel (what has Changed) The Stream Wars Marvels Runaway K.O.T.R. Bee Hive,Navy,Barb, Bardi ? Which Gang Ayesha Curry The Double Standards Cardi B vs Nippsey Gate Keepers Parental Accountability Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies This is a Production of Impulse Productions LLC

  • Lemme Drive The Boat EP 46

    Lemme Drive The Boat EP 46

    23/04/2019 Duración: 02h02min

    Back Like We never left The Knights Of The Round Table back , with another hit Movie Culture , Music Culture , and everything in-between. The Mic is on fire as we Touch on the Netflixs Documentary Highlighting The Year journey Beyouce took to produce the mega show. DC is back battle 3 for 3 We talk the what's next for the DCEU as Shazam sets the tone for the Gods among men to change the attitude people have going forward. Gaming news is Pay to play taking over real friendships experiences as everything shifts to multi player online. Beyounce Vs Ariana grande What is Pop Colorism Vs Racism Kodak Black Drives the Boat Are Hood Films Dead ? Samuel L. Jackson Vs Denzel Washington Nippsey Hussle Continued ...... Live PD is it Fair and more ......

  • Rest In Power Nip - Special Edition

    Rest In Power Nip - Special Edition

    12/04/2019 Duración: 48min

    Nipsey Hussle has. ascended into a place he might have never reached had his life not come to this tragic end . He is laid to rest at the time of this recording I thought it was only right that we praise the man that such a huge impact on the current culture of LA and young people . While all new out of this edition of the podcast will be sober, D Wade retires we ask the questions , is he Top 3 SG all time is will his legacy be remembered as such . More on the Death of the Marathon Rapper we find out the last words he said to the accused that dead to his death. We also celebrate a new mile stone here at Dominating Impulse . Rip Nip Eric Holder - The Motive Conspiracy Theory Kodak Black Vs T.I. D Wade Retires Top 3? Playoff Preview Hit me let's chat people PSN: thetruth90317 Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse DominatingImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies This is a product of

  • Body Count

    Body Count

    01/03/2019 Duración: 51min

    In this hot and heavy episode we dive into the raw subjects few dare to enter . The Knights are back with hot takes to make your ears go crazy. King of the Podcast brakes down another smooth and fresh original series everyone will love . The President wouldn't be a proper BMH without touching on the questionable trump. And more .... Jussie Smollett Kap vs NFL he gets paid Robert Kraft caught buying pussy Meek mill vs Rapport The PC era Does a bod count matter? 6ix9ine can he make it as a Snitch Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies

  • By Mistake Ep 43

    By Mistake Ep 43

    22/02/2019 Duración: 37min

    Jumping in with another hot one , February is cooking with stories we have to brake down. Hot takes focusing on the normal things we love movies , tv , pop culture , & more . Since its Black history Month we have a few facts the people need to know . Winners win is the theme of the month so the Main segments to enjoy in this edition Cardi B Wins Grammy Fair Tom Brady the Goat T.I. Vs Mayweather Black Face Again / Gucci Gang Im Republican on Paper Ass Eating the Norm? Slut Shamming All business inquires please contact : Follow us on Facebook :

  • What Is Good Box Ep 42

    What Is Good Box Ep 42

    04/02/2019 Duración: 40min

    After a long waited break The King of The Podcast Jumps into 2019 with some new energy . All the hot takes from round the intent and we break in one of the Knights of The Round Table. Seth will be Joining the cast to bring heat and logic to some our most controversial stories. The magic of The New Year is here so lets keep with the trend and make sure your are plugged with another dope podcast to rock too. Major segments coming in this edition : What is Good Box The Best Drake Album Government Shut down Logan Movie Explained Is Stress Self-inflected? Russel Wilson Vs Future and more... Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse DominatingImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies All business inquires please contact :

  • Money Shot Ep 41

    Money Shot Ep 41

    12/10/2018 Duración: 30min

    New episode hitting with gems from all phases of all Comic Tv , Music , Pop culture , Action and dram Knight of the round table and regular show guest Church is in the building preaching gems and facts on the Shows you guys love . We almost hint at a bit of gaming news and NFL Fantasy football. Topics this week : The Flash Season 5 X mens - Tne Gifted Netflixs Dardevil Season 3 Avengers 4 The Carter V & Dime Trap Aquaman News and more ...... Facebook : @ImpulseDominating Twitter: @DominateImpulse All media is part of the fair use act and belongs to respective companies

  • Lil Wayne is Back ? Ep 39

    Lil Wayne is Back ? Ep 39

    01/10/2018 Duración: 37min

    The Change of the season is here but he hotter podcast on the web keep coming with fire for our fans . Let Get to New music for Lil Wayne is it a Classic or it it wack . We also talk about the effects of gaming on your relationship , and how women can have a positive effect on your gaming & pockets . Kanye changes he’s name to Ye we discus this so call sucker place . Katt Williams vs Tiffany Caddish & Kevin Hart …., who is really funny ? And more!!! ►No Man Bashing Why women are Single ►Netflix Top 25 Shows to Watch in the Fall Season ►Why Superbad is the millennial Greatest Hit ! ►Is 2k distractive to your relationship? ►Nicki Vs Cardi B Pt 2 ►Lil Wayne Drops The Carter V Flop or Not? ►Katt Williams Vs Kevin Hart

  • Broke or Cheap

    Broke or Cheap

    17/08/2018 Duración: 47min

    This special edition we welcome an Award winning podcast host Laron Anderson from Yeah I Said It . The National pop corn winning his been featured in Manny different areas of publications in the Indianapolis metro area and as well as the national spot on Black media. Sticking to what we do best here heavy comic talk and how it effects the daily Black American. The real meat and potatoes of the episode is the main question we ask: Are Black People Broke or Cheap. Does white Americans have a different way of viewing events and pricing? Are black people victims ? Find out and much more ......

  • Power Play Ep 36

    Power Play Ep 36

    06/08/2018 Duración: 33min

    After taking a long waited break the King Of The Podcast returns to drops major gems. Covering the huge weekend DC Comics brought during SDCC 18’. Many big names were brought , and the heavy Trailers were shown. The Knights of the Round Table Return to discuss some of our favorite heroes and villains . The Big Stream debate which ones should you get , and will it end up costing just as much as cable did ? 2018 was a great time for music and Movies we also breakdown Album of the year and Best Picture of the Year. ●LBJ Opens a School ●Power Review ●Album of Year ●Best Picture of the Year ●Best Villain of MCU/Netflix is a Black woman from Harlem ●And more ……..

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