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  • Neil from Norway

    Neil from Norway


    This episode I chat with a mate Neil who is currently living in Norway with his family.  Great bloke. Did my best with the audio, hope you enjoy it.

  • Harry  Garth #9

    Harry & Garth #9


    Hi Peeps!   Been a long time between episodes - finally got this up from what must have been back in Feb/March. We talk about the weather and the february rain in Boreen Point for 10 minutes.  Recall some youthful stories of getting sprung by girlfriends’ parents. More NZ love; Volcanoes being rad. Harry waxes geological-historical.  I make a reference to The Importance of Being Earnest, which goes unnoticed.  A little of my grandparent’s story. Harry’s latest Audiobook biography. Enjoy :)

  • We’re Back for 2018

    We’re Back for 2018


    Harry & Garth are back for the first time in the Wandering Room for 2018!  It's been a while since episodes but this was a great return - hear some of Harry's Benjamin Button styled plan for the next half of his life, a practical guide for how we can save the planet from plastic, and an astonishingly good tale connecting san Audio Book to a movie to the grit of our forebears. It's good to be back, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Harry  Garth #7

    Harry & Garth #7


    In today’s episode Harry catches up with Garth as he calls in from Kenilworth Qld.  After 12 months on the road, the questions of how we’re ever gonna stop this trip loom larger in our mind.  On the Sunshine Coast, things start to take shape.

  • Harry  Garth with Simon Harvie

    Harry & Garth with Simon Harvie


    In this episode we attempt our first 3-way Skype call for the podcast.  Harry & Garth speak to Simon Harvey (of the previous ep with his wife Katrina 2nd July).  The audio quality is at times challenging, as you’d expect, so thanks again for enduring this with a patient smile :) Simon is a Paramedic and a proud Gun-owner.  Harry is not a Paramedic and doesn’t like guns very much at all.

  • Simon  Karina Harvie – The Ambo  The Mid-Wife

    Simon & Karina Harvie – The Ambo & The Mid-Wife


    Today’s conversation is with Simon & Karina Harvie, a couple we met at Big Valley Campsite in Margaret River. We recorded this some months later when we passed through Adelaide and camped on Simon & Karina's front lawn (all 5 acres of it!) on our way back to Melbourne to get the Ferry to Tasmania. Simon's a Paramedic and Karina is a Midwife and both were intensely interesting and lovely people to hang out with.  We had a great time with them at Margaret River and bonded over a fair amount of McLaren Vale Shiraz - special mention needs to go to Beresford as we bought out their entire cellar of their 2012 Shiraz - delicious! In this podcast the four of us discuss Camping with Kids, Hunting (Simon's views are heart-felt and true to him - we think he  thinks he's best described as an Ethical Meat Eater), however has a wicked sense of humour and once welcomed Garth to sing Koom-by-ahhhh to the factory farmed chickens down at the local shed to give them a moment of holistic growing up :), Brewing and other hobbies.

  • Harry  Garth #6

    Harry & Garth #6

    04/06/2017 Duración: 01h11min

    Harry & Garth catch up for their monthly call and discuss various topics from the coldness associated with wintriness in Melbourne & Tasmania to Artificial Intelligence (AI) making all the jobs disappear, Universal Basic Income and forming a new political party lead by Harry based on our ideas on what do about it. Foux du Fafa. Enjoy

  • All things Tasmania

    All things Tasmania

    01/06/2017 Duración: 01h05min
  • Farmer Pete  Farmer Meg

    Farmer Pete & Farmer Meg

    02/05/2017 Duración: 02h22min

    We had the pleasure to indulge our love of the Ocean & Wine in Margaret River and had the pleasure of staying at Big Valley Campsite in WA. This is a must for everyone.  Laid back, lovely, serene and easy. We thought we had to do a PodCoast with Farmer Pete & Farmer Meg.  This was so much fun.  The Farm has been in Meg's family for generations and Pete has escaped the hectic life of London and found his feet, and his love, in Meg & Margaret River. This Podcast is epic, it's delightful and we chat about a range of topics we never thought possible. At the 1 hour mark the talk of animal slaughter comes up so just be aware of this.  Also, we get into spirituality as well. One of the things we have loved about being on the road is that we have had the distinct pleasure of meeting such sincere, beautiful and amazing people, Pete & Meg are no exception, they tell it warts and all, with true authenticity and we were delighted they agreed to join us on the Wandering Room. Here's Pete & Meg of Big Valley Campsite

  • Harry  Garth #5 – Part 2

    Harry & Garth #5 – Part 2

    20/04/2017 Duración: 53min

    Harry with his apple crumble & icecream join Garth in Huon Valley following his long lunch at Fat Pig Farm hosted by Sadie Chresterman & Matthew Evans of Gourmet Farmer Fame.