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  • Maelstrom Music Episode 023

    Maelstrom Music Episode 023

    11/03/2016 Duración: 59min

    01 (sample) Intensify The Treatment 02 (sample) Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes 03 Odesza - Hey Now [Self-Released] 04 Wally Lopez & Toni Varga – Nebula (Timid Boy ‘Techno’ Remix) [303 Lovers] 05 Dosem – Presence (Original Mix) [Toolroom] 06 Matador (IE) – Pigs In Blankets (Original Mix) [Perc Trax] 07 Guy J – Dizzy Moments (Original Mix) [Lost & Found] 08 Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Revenge (Anthony Castaldo Remix) [Among] 09 Dauwd – Kolido (Original Mix) [Ghostly] 10 Radiohead – Bloom (Jamie XX Rework Part 3) [Young Turks] 11 Cid Inc vs Darin Epsilon – Outliers (Solid Stone) [Perspectives Digital] 12 Anil Chawla – Banana (Vocal Mix) [Toolroom] 13 Radiohead – Separator (Simon Vuarambon Remix) [CDR]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 022 - Covebeach

    Maelstrom Music Episode 022 - Covebeach

    27/02/2015 Duración: 01h09min

    01 Powel – Perelin Der Nachtwald (Original Mix) 02 Rachelrow – Follow The Step (Kinkbeat Remix) 03 Kevin Yost – Day In Day Out (Original Mix) 04 Jon Hopkins – Sun Harmonics 05 London Grammar – If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix) 06 Peaking Lights – Beautiful Lights (John Talabot Remix) 07 Felix Da Housecat – What Does It Feel Like (Röyksopp Return To The Sun Remix) 08 SRTW – We Were Young (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 09 Marc Marzenit – To Love Until We Say Goodbye (Diego Poblets Unofficial Remix) 10 Home Video – Every Love That Ever Was (Sasha Remix) 11 Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Mix)

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 021

    Maelstrom Music Episode 021

    18/02/2015 Duración: 01h01min

    01 Nico Ferrero *- Dream Vision (Original Mix) [Abstract Space Records] 02 Robert R. Hardy - Circulatory Disturbance (Original Mix) [Majestic Family Records] 03 Federico Monachesi *- Lunar Tide (Matias Chilano Remix) [Massive Harmony] 04 Robert R. Hardy - Voice of Angels (Original Mix) [Mistique Music] 05 The Revolving Junkie -* And Why Not (Vlada D*Shake Remix) [Balkan Connection] 06 Soundstorm *- Contact (Arthur Deep Remix) [Silk Digital Records] 07 Home Video *- Every Love That Ever Was (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth] 08 Julian Dep - * Storm Cycles (Robert R Hardy Remix) [Soundteller Records] 09 Akufen -* Skidoos [Force Inc.]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 020

    Maelstrom Music Episode 020

    12/02/2015 Duración: 59min

    01 Peet – Full Blend (Stas Drive Remix) [] 02 Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Alive (Original Mix) [Click Records] 03 John Creamer & Stephane K – I Wish You Were Here (Kevin Di Serna & Memory Rework) [CDR] 04 Napalm & D-Phrag – Substance (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] 05 Dark Soul Project – Feels Like Heaven (Original Mix) [JOOF] 06 Roger Martinez – Altijd Hier En Nu (Original Mix) [Gem Records] 07 Guy J – Fantasy Reality (Mike Griego Remix) [Soundcloud] 08 Brian Cyd - Myst (Original Mix) [Lost & Found] 09 Youngen – Force Field(Original Mix) [BC2] 10 Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Survivors Guilt (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 019

    Maelstrom Music Episode 019

    03/02/2015 Duración: 59min

    01 Beacon – Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix) [Ghostly International] 02 Navid Mehr feat. Amber Long – Gathas (Original Mix) [Sudbeat] 03 RezQ Sound – Pulsar (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] 04 Julian Rodriguez – Estado de Conciencia (Ilya Gerus’s Long Road Remix) [Inmost Records] 05 Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca – Nothing Is What It Seems (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music] 06 Nicolas Petracca – Love In Sunset (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music] 07 Noa Romana & Deersky – Metmorphosis (Scotty.A Remix) [Crossfade Sounds] 08 Denis A – Heroin (Scotty.A Remix) [DAR Records] 09 Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Remix) [Kompakt]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 018

    Maelstrom Music Episode 018

    28/01/2015 Duración: 58min

    So at last the hiatus has passed, the cold is turning to warmth and Maelstrom Music returns with Episode 018. This one's mixing up the likes of the awesome Ezequiel Anile, Nicolas Petracca, Santiago Teillagorry, Guy Mantzur and Sahar Z with remixes from Billy Alex, Matias Chilano and Verche. With guest mixes from the likes of Praveen Archary and guest spots on From Dubai With Love coming up, 2015 has a hell of a lot to look forward to. Enjoy! 01 Ronfoller – Free Spaces (Original Mix) [Soundteller] 02 Noa Romana & Deersky – See You Soon (Matias Chilano Intro Mix) [Soundteller] 03 Santiago Teillagorry – Uncertainty (Original Mix) [Dopamine] 04 Namatijia – Late At Night (The Stain Remix) [Mistique Music] 05 Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca – Unity Is Strength (Billy Alex Remix) [Soundteller] 06 Namatjira – Sequoia (Matias Chilano Remix) [3rd Avenue] 07 Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Our Foggy Trips (Original Mix) [Lost & Found] 08 Exoplanet – The Planetarium (Verche Remix) [Particles]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 017

    Maelstrom Music Episode 017

    25/10/2014 Duración: 01h02min

    Another slice of deep progressive tech productions in store this week from Demian Moreno, Guy J and Robert R Hardy with remixes coming from Inkfish, Matias Chilano and Simon Vuarambon among others. Enjoy! 01 Maxime Miville – Don’t Ask (Max Cooper Remix) [Wide Angle Recordings] 02 Robert R Hardy – Unique Girl (Original Mix) [PHW Elements] 03 Quivver – Here’s This (Guy Mantzur Mix) [Microcastle] 04 Michael A – Scatter (Matias Chilano Remix) [Balkan Connection] 05 Guy J – Sahara (Simon Vuarambon & Kevin Di Serna Remix) [CDR] 06 Demian Moreno – Hear Me (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue] 07 Pional – In Another Room (Nicolas Petracca Unofficial Remix) [Soundcloud] 08 Robert R Hardy – Thirty (Original Mix) [Suffused Music] 09 Audio Noir – Under The Sun (Inkfish Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 016

    Maelstrom Music Episode 016

    19/10/2014 Duración: 01h28s

    Welcome to Episode 16 of Maelstrom Music with me Kirkland. This week a little tougher techno-edged hour with tracks from Marco Bailey, Pig & Dan, Martin Roth and remixes by Habersham, Sahar Z and Andre Sobota among others. Enjoy! 01 Marcelo Paladini - Luminous Avenue (Matias Larrosa & Nico Sparvieri Remix) [Soundteller] 02 Marco Bailey – Train Collector [Sleaze Records] 03 Nikola Gala – Dark Side of The East (Original Mix) [Fokused Records] 04 Kay-D – Levitation (Original Mix) [Mistique] 05 Soulfinder feat. Amanda Dempsey – Out of Time (Andre Sobota Remix) [Pitch Music] 06 Martin Roth – Suite 909 (Sahar Z Remix) [Sudbeat Music] 07 Pig & Dan – Purple Pods (Original Mix) [Waveform Records] 08 Biologik – Minx (Original Mix) [Proton Music] 09 Massive Attack – Spying Glass (Habersham’s Massive Booty Mix) [Criminal Records]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 015

    Maelstrom Music Episode 015

    11/10/2014 Duración: 01h31s

    Maelstrom Music Episode 015 Welcome to Episode 15 of Maelstrom Music with me Kirkland. Taking things up a notch this episode we’ve got some bigger room sounds given huge support from artists like Hernán Cattaneo, Guy Mantzur and Guy J. Producers including the supremely impressive Simon Vaurambon, Navar, Soulwerk and Tim Penner and remixers the likes of Biologik and Kassey Voorn, this one’s an absolute roller, turn it up… 01 Simon Vuarambon – Pandora (Original Mix) [Sudbeat] 02 Andrew McDonnell – Patience of Envy (Navar Inside Out Mix) [Sound Avenue] 03 Guy J – Dizzy Moments [Lost & Found] 04 AMbassador – The Fade (Guy J Mix) [Lost & Found] 05 Hernán Cattáneo & Guy Mantzur – Imaginarium [Balance Music] 06 Way Out West – Killa (Guy J Remix) [Balance Music] 07 Tim Penner – Ride Til Dawn (Biologik Remix) [Proton Music] 08 Andre Sobota – Red Dust (Kassey Voorn Remix) [Proton Music] 09 Soulwerk – The Lost Paradise (Kastis Torrau & Donatello Remix) [Proton Music]

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 014

    Maelstrom Music Episode 014

    06/10/2014 Duración: 01h49s

    Welcome to Episode 14 of the Maelstrom Music podcast, with me Kirkland. It’s been a huge summer of music and travel, few months off never too shabby is it? I’ve got some incredible new productions in store over the episodes ahead, plus some of the most impressive producers and DJs dropping in with their very own guest mix. For now something on the more lush side of real progressive, we have remixes from the likes of the unstoppable Robert R. Hardy on incredible form at the minute, Max Cooper and 16 Bit Lolitas remixing the likes of Ozgur Ozkan, Marcelo Paladini and Nils Frahm among others. Lush sounds, enjoy as we continue with Maelstrom Music. 01 Parker & Hanson – Gravity (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) [Anjunabeats] 02 Ozgur Ozkan – One Day (Robert R. Hardy Remix) [Massive Harmony Records] 03 Omid 16B – Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Guy J Remix) [Alola Records] 04 Robert R. Hardy – After Sunset (Original Mix) [Mistique Music] 05 Marcelo Paladini & Alberto Blanco – Circular Life (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] 06

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 013 (Trance)

    Maelstrom Music Episode 013 (Trance)

    05/07/2014 Duración: 02h02min

    Welcome along to the final summery trance episode of this series of Maelstrom Music. On the guest mix this week we have the inimitable & supremely talented DJ & Producer, Jack Belcher. His podcast From Dubai With Love has been making waves around the globe reaching a massive audience of trance-hungry adoring fans – tasty stuff. Kicking us off first up an hour of some harder trance cuts on a lush progressive tip. Turn it up and enjoy the summer! 01 Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper – Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz Dub Mix) 02 Team SR – Leaving London (T4L Remix) 03 Alex Barlett feat. Anthya – Touch The Sun (Duende Dub Remix) 04 Triple A – Winter Stayed (Armin Van Buuren’s On The Beach Mix) 05 Fon Leman – Lynx Eye (Jaytech Remix) 06 Orienotti – Magic (Original Mix) 07 Gareth Emery feat. Cristina Novelli – Concrete Angel (John O’Callaghan Remix) 08 Jonny Yono – Open Your Mind 09 John O’Callaghan vs Neptune Project – Rhea GUEST MIX – JACK BELCHER 01. Ferry Tayle – “Vol De Nuit” (Dutchie Flow Mix) 02.

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 012 (ProgTech)

    Maelstrom Music Episode 012 (ProgTech)

    02/07/2014 Duración: 01h57min

    Maelstrom Music Episode 012 (ProgTech) Another slice of the more progressive techy version of house taken from some of my live sets this episode - deep and travelling. Last guest mix for the season coming up next week and a slice of of old Anjuna styled classic progressive trance before I hop off travelling for the summer. Enjoy! iTunes: Soundcloud: Mixcloud: 01 Max Cooper – Empyrean [Fields] 02 Eagles & Butterflies – Kollect [Bedrock] 03 Ormatie – O [Hope Recordings] 04 Underset feat. Lifa – Moon Rover [Hope Recordings] 05 Luke Porter – DMZ [Baroque] 06 Marcelo Paladini – Cigarette Smoker [3rdAvenue] 07 Alex Cortez – Nachttarif (Original Mix) [Source Records] 08 JJ Grant – Negative Influences (Adam P Remix) [Suffused Music] 09 Konstantin Sibold – Madeleine (Original Mix) [Innervisions] 10 Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Rebolledo Version) [Gomma] 11 Luis Junior – London (Original Mix) [Mooseeka] 12 Maceo Plex & Maars feat. Florence Bird –

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 011

    Maelstrom Music Episode 011

    12/06/2014 Duración: 01h59min

    1. The Black Seeds – Come To Me [Best Seven] 2. King Tubby meets Lee Perry – War Dub [Shanachie] 3. Scientist – The Dark Secret of The Box [Greensleeves Records] 4. Bob Marley – Don’t Rock My boat (Dub) [Trojan] 5. Niney The Observer – Love Dub [Trojan] 6. King Tubby’s – Copper Shot Dub (Music Is My Occupation) [Burning Sounds] 7. Niney The Observer – Nice & Easy Dub (Dennis Brown) [One Stop Records] 8. The Black Seeds – The Prince [Capitol Music] 9. Delroy Wilson – Better Must Come [Dynamic Sounds] 10. The Black Seeds – Bulletproof Dub (Dub Version) [Best Seven] 11. Sensistar – The Angles Are Occupied [mentaltunes rec] 12. Rhythm & Sound – No Partial [PK] 13. Sensistar – Iration Serenade [mentaltunes rec] 14. Thievery Corporation feat. Sister Nancy – Originality [ESL Music Inc] 15. Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive [Rhythm & Sound, Wackie’s] 16. Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers [MCA Records] 17. Thievery Corporation – The Outernationalist [ESL Music] 18. Leftfield – Chant of a Poor Man (Mighty Quark Remix) [Higher Gr

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 010

    Maelstrom Music Episode 010

    27/05/2014 Duración: 02h01min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 010 … so after last last episode’s very mellow reflective sounds we’re whacking some breaks over the top this week making for a tasty slice of deep progressive breakbeat. Featuring the likes of Jon Fernandez, East Café, Derek Howell, Lostep and Soundstorm among others, you know what to do… 1. Miika Kuisma – Trying My New Wings (Album Mix)[Bonzai Elemental] 2. Jono Fernandez – Colours of Conscience (Original Mix) [Electrofly] 3. Soundstorm – Iris (Original Mix) [Silk Digital] 4. Michael Lanning feat. Charity Heavens – Bound for Ascension (Original Mix) [Toes In The Sand Recordings] 5. Lostep – Burma (Original Mix) [GU Music] 6. Derek Howell – Gasoline Fight (Original Mix) [3 Beat Breaks] 7. Habersham & Numinous – Leaving Tifton (Digital Witchcraft Miles From Melbourne Remix) [Blueprint Recordings] 8. East Café – Summer Solstice (Embliss Breaks Mix) [LuPS Records] 9. Joel Armstrong – Silver Moon (Derek Howell Remix) [Babylon Records] 10. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 009

    Maelstrom Music Episode 009

    16/05/2014 Duración: 01h51min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 009 … turning things round for a mix of ambient, soundtrack and movie samples this episode, the kind of introspective, deep & lush stuff to zone out to – very chilled indeed… 01 Sample from “Point Break” 02 ATOI – Devotion [Silent Records] 03 Sample from “The Thing Red Line” 04 Sigur Rós – Ég anda [Parlophone] 05 Sounds From The Ground – Departures [Upstream Records] 06 Aphex Twin – Blue Calx [Warp Records] 07 Sample from “Meet Joe Black” 08 John Murphy – Mercury [Nexus] 09 Sigur Rós – Straumnes [EMI] 10 Stars of the Lid – Articulate Silences Part 2 [Kranky Kranky] 11 Aes Dana – Signs [Ultimae Records] 12 Starkid – Moonset [CD-R] 13 Brock Van Wey – Too Little Too Late (Intrusion Shape VI) [echospace] 14 This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym – Freedom Blade [Magic Bullet Records] 15 Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Flat [Type] 16 Heathered Pearls – Beach Shelter (Loscil Grind Remix Alternative Version) [Ghostly International) 17 Symbion Project – Our Breath Shall Intermix [NinthWave

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 008

    Maelstrom Music Episode 008

    04/05/2014 Duración: 01h55min

    Welcome back to Maelstrom Music. Back from honeymoon, amazing time of year, summer lies in sight, tunes rolling well into a very impressive 2014 so far, Maelstrom Music Episode 008 heavily focussed on some of the freshest prog and tech out there throwing in a few little known classics for good measure. Enjoy. 01 Max Cooper feat. Braids – Pleasures (Santiago Teillagory Piano Version) [CDR] 02 Oona Dahl – In The Clouds (Original Mix) [Stripped Recordings] 03 Navar – Megalomanez (Original Mix) [Lost & Found] 04 Net Son – Smiling People (Napalm & D-Phrag Remix) [Massive Harmony Rec] 05 Pedro Aguiar – Kyoto (Jamie Stevens Remix) [Flow Vinyl] 06 Michael A & Dmitry Molosh – Resolutions (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue] 07 Max Cooper – Supine (Rodriguez Jr Remix) [Fields] 08 Scotty.A – Sense of An Ending (Navar Remix) [Proton[ 09 Blusoul – Falling (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue] 10 Lank – Needless Solution (Silinder Remix) [Compiled & Mixed[ 11 Scotty.A – All We Have Is Forever (Hugo Ibarra & Uvo Remix) [Axon] 12 Ioan Gambo

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 007

    Maelstrom Music Episode 007

    10/04/2014 Duración: 01h01min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 007 … so while I’m off honeymooning in Goa, this week’s keeping the pace up rolling through an hour all kinds of house, cut from one of my live sets at a Dubai boat party I played recently. Topped off with a cheeky little Kirkland remix of Sander Kleinenberg’s timely ‘This Is Not Miami’ enjoy! 01 Way Out West – We Love Machine (Jaytech Remix) [Hope] 02 Superfunk – The Young MC (The Valleystrippers Remix) [Virgin] 03 Mory Kanté – Yeke Yeke (Loverush 2001 Remix) [Loversuh Digital] 04 Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross – 82nd Airborne (Original Mix) [Nero Blanco] 05 Mousse T feat. Emma Lanford – Right About Now (Fuzzy Hair Dub Mix) [Peppermint Jam] 06 Nari Milani feat. Carl Fanini – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Ryan Riback Remix) [Ego] 07 Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (Afrojack Ducky Remix) [Universal] 08 Tall Rick & Munfell Muzik – Sexy Girl (Original Mix) [Juicy] 09 Luke Chable feat. Quest – Skyline (DJ Remy Remix) [68 Recordings] 10 Danny Corten – Timeless (Club Mix) [Essentials] 1

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 004

    Maelstrom Music Episode 004

    20/03/2014 Duración: 01h06min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 004. So this week we’re having a bit of fun with some very Latin-infused, bossa-style house cuts – about time to let your hair down given I haven’t got any. Sit back and for the next hour let the likes of Hitch, Edgar Padillos, Ian Pooley and Yolanda Be Cool among other soothe your ear lobes. Enjoy. 01 Ian Pooley feat Rosanna & Zelia - Coracao Tambor (Original Mix) [V2 2000] 02 Dark Society - Brazilian Love (House Remix) [Oryx Music 2012] 03 Klement Bonelli and Brahms - Los Chicanos (Main Mix) [Analog Music 2009] 04 Hitch & Edgar Padilla - Negros Tus Cabellos (Neil and Edgar VM Remix) [The Factoria/Factomania 2011] 05 Kevin Yost - 7th Heaven (Pepper Digs Ghetto Gucci Girl Remix) [i! Records 2001] 06 Milk & Sugar Vs. Vaya Con Dios - Hey (Nah Neh Nah) (Milk & Sugar Club Mix) [Ultra 2011] 07 Nicola Fasano vs Pat Rich - 75 Brazil Street [Spinnin' Records 2008] 08 Yolanda Be Cool Dcup - We No Speak Americano (Original Mix) [All Around The World 2010] 09 Bass Kleph - I'll Be Ok (

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 003

    Maelstrom Music Episode 003

    15/03/2014 Duración: 01h55min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 003. Changing tack this episode, the next 2 hours are full of some of the sunnier, lighter cuts to indulge in from the ambient and chilled styles of music. Featuring tracks by the likes of the sublime Yppah, Jon Hopkins, Thievery Corporation and Tycho among many more take a load off, turn it up and enjoy. Get in touch on Twitter and Facebook – @KirklandDJ and the Maelstrom Music page. Would love to hear from you! 01 Eddie – Fly [Cult Classic Records] 02 Young Magic – Jam Karet [Carpark Records] 03 Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – A Special Morning [Emperor Norton Records] 04 Thievery Corporation – A Guide For I & I [4AD] 05 Thievery Corporation – Illumination [Eighteenth Street Lounge Music] 06 Tycho – L [Ghostly International] 07 Guy Mantzur – Outro [Sudbeat Music] 08 Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre & Mark Crown – Solo (Original Mix) [Warner Music] 09 Mr Fijiwiji & Tülpa – Sentient (Original Mix) [Monstercat] 10 Tycho – Daydream [Ghostly International] 11 Heathered Pearls

  • Maelstrom Music Episode 002

    Maelstrom Music Episode 002

    08/03/2014 Duración: 01h58min

    Welcome to Maelstrom Music Episode 002. We're kicking this episode off with the tougher, driving sounds of the tech-house scene. Including productions and remixes from the mercurial Guy Mantzur, Sahar Z, Luis Junior, Cid Inc and Microtrauma among others, this is all about driving basslines and itchy tech hooks. 01 Coldplay vs Booka Shade - Essential Midnight [Soundcloud] 0.36 02 Omar Fayyad - The Future (Nikko.Z Remix) [Crossfade Sounds] 5.54 03 Max Cooper - Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix) 10.52 04 Deadmau5 - Lai [Play Digital] 15.59 05 Ricky Ryan - Mona Moon (Original Mix) [Vapour] 22.41 06 Luis Junior - Alibi (Original Mix) 28.13 07 Marcelo Vasami - About Snow (Guy Mantzur & Khen Mix) [Bermudos] 36.46 08 Microtrauma - Blutenstaub (Original Mix) [Traum] 42.46 09 Guy J & Sahar Z - 7 11 (Original Mix) [Bedrock] 48.47 10 Guy J - High (Original Mix) [Sudbeat] 54.53 11 Guy Mantzur & Guy J - All In (Original Mix) [Sudbeat] 01:02:59 12 The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy hey Girl (Tim Davison Mix) [CD-R]

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