Ghostileaks Real And Imagined Tales Of Terror


Horror lovers are invited to join the strange world of ‘Ghostileaks’ – a collection of terrifying short stories and real paranormal enigmas with twists, inspired by the author’s love of the paranormal, horror and his own journey into the unknown. GhostiLeaks the podcast is like the book, similar to the Twilight Zone, quite different to the usual paranormal and horror collections. Each tale is intended to give the reader/listener that wonderful short story ride but also offers another very welcome ingredient. As well as the beloved twists and turns of these master-pieces, some also promise… to be continued! Short stories with sequels if you will. Indeed, the book is a dream to avid fans of horror, mystery and the unexplained, offering brilliantly written tales that’ll have you desperate to see what happens next, continuing the dark adventures in the next eagerly awaited book. This is destined to be a hauntingly popular new world of horror. Good creepy fun for the fans of shows like the Walking Dead, True Blood and Paranormal Witness.


  • GhostiLeaks Podcast II Author Read Through Scary Story I

    GhostiLeaks Podcast II Author Read Through Scary Story I

    15/09/2014 Duración: 32min

    This is the first scary story read through by the author. The podcast and book are being compared to the Twilight Zone meets Paranormal Witness. In this episode we hear a complete story from the chilling book GhostiLeaks. This is your first horror. A must for fans of the paranormal and horror, Walking Dead and True Blood etc