Between Innings W/ Dan Kolko


Dan Kolko talks Washington Nationals - on the field, off the field, and everywhere in between.


  • 2.10 Hot Stove and Harper Sweepstakes

    2.10 Hot Stove and Harper Sweepstakes

    09/11/2018 Duración: 51min

    With the offseason getting into full swing, Dan and John are back to get the Hot Stove all heated up, recap the postseason, and discuss how the Nationals might address their roster this winter. LEADING OFF (10:15) Only a week or so into the offseason, the Nats have already made two key additions to bolster their bullpen. The boys discuss the Trevor Rosenthal and Kyle Barraclough additions and how they could end up being big pick-ups. Then, there’s the Bryce Harper situation. With the Nats having already made Harper a monster offer, Dan and John give their thoughts on how Bryce’s free agency might play out, and how the Nats can’t allow negotiations with No. 34 to drag on too long. WHAT’S ON TAP (24:40) Beyond the Harper situation, the Nats have quite a few of areas of need this winter, from a starting pitcher (or two?), to a catcher (or two?), to second base. What are their priorities? Who are some free agents they might target? Dan also lays out why the trade market could be an important resource this o

  • 2.9 A Sit-down with Bryce

    2.9 A Sit-down with Bryce

    25/09/2018 Duración: 51min

    LEADING OFF (2:25) Dan and John are back as the 2018 regular season enters its final days, ready to recap the last six months in a big-picture sense. With the Nats now mathematically eliminated from postseason contention, the boys share their thoughts on why things never materialized this year the way everyone expected, and why the window is not closed for future seasons. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (11:57) Dan sits down with Bryce Harper for a lengthy chat, covering everything from the day he was drafted by the Nationals to his thoughts entering free agency. A reflective, open, admittedly emotional Bryce discusses how he's a different person and player now than he was when he joined the organization, his love for D.C., and how he's mentally approaching what could be a life-changing offseason. The interview, in full, covers the three-part series aired on MASN. AROUND THE LEAGUE (36:25) With the playoff picture getting pretty clear, Dan and John discuss some interesting October possibilities, and what teams they

  • 2.8 The Dog Days, Fan Questions  Frank

    2.8 The Dog Days, Fan Questions & Frank

    30/08/2018 Duración: 50min

    LEADING OFF (2:35) - Back for the first time in a while, Dan and John have a bunch to catch up on pertaining to the Nationals. The dog days of Summer are in full swing and the Nats are fighting for their lives in the 2018 season. Trying to identify the one main reason the Nats are where they are, Dan looks at the individual inconsistencies this year from the Nats. John talks big picture and notes that when the Nats pitched well they didn’t hit and when they hit well the pitching just wasn’t there. - Dan also looks back at the somewhat surprising trades made by the Nats in July and August. The guys remember the work as a whole from Daniel Murphy and Matt Adams during their time in a Nationals uniform. FAN QUESTIONS (25:55) - The mailbox is open and the guys take a bevy of questions from fans. Topics include whether or not trade season is over, Juan Soto’s ceiling in 2019, what Dan does with his Gatorade-soaked suits and of course, Frank the Ice Cream scooper in Philadelphia. ON DECK – (45:

  • 2.7 The Comeback and The Beard

    2.7 The Comeback and The Beard

    06/07/2018 Duración: 01h30s

    LEADING OFF - (2:00) - One day after the biggest single-game comeback in Nats history, Dan and John have a lot to talk about. How important was the comeback on July 5th? How important could it become? The guys look at every angle. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE - (24:30) - Dan sits down with the one and only Jayson Werth. A week into retirement, Jayson reflects on his career, his time with the Nats, and discusses what might be next for the D.C. fan favorite. ON DECK – (48:50) - With only 10 games remaining until the All-Star break, a couple of storylines jump out to Dan and John. The Nationals’ starting rotation has struggled as of late. John discusses whether it will continue or if the starters will turn it around before the break. Dan eyes two of the biggest left-handed bats in the Nats lineup, Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy. Will they be the Murphy and Harper that Nats fans have become accustomed to in years past? Dan breaks it down.

  • 2.6 The Cup, The Slump  The Open

    2.6 The Cup, The Slump & The Open

    22/06/2018 Duración: 44min

    LEADING OFF (3:45) - Recording from the comforts of Dan's living room, the boys have lots to discuss in their first episode back in a while, starting with Bryce Harper and how he has handled his recent struggles. Dan and John get into Bryce's work with the coaching staff, and how he has comported himself on the field and in the clubhouse during this stretch. And of course, Juan Soto's ridiculous start to his big league career is discussed, as well. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (20:00) - The Nationals made an early splash on the trade market, making a deal for Royals closer Kelvin Herrera in exchange for three minor leaguers. General manager Mike Rizzo discusses how the deal came together and why now was the right time to make the move. Dan and John then break down how this trade most benefits the club and what it could mean for possible future deals. STORIES FROM THE ROAD (28:25) - An off-day in New York last week allowed Dan and John to spend a day at the links at Shinnecock Hills for a US Open practice ro

  • 2.5 Soto-rama, Sneezes  The Injury Bug

    2.5 Soto-rama, Sneezes & The Injury Bug

    21/05/2018 Duración: 57min

    LEADING OFF (4:35) - The rain is gone and “Between Innings” is back. Dan dives into the injury bug that continues to bite the Nats; losing two more key players this past weekend. John takes a bigger-picture look at how the momentum might not be all lost and the team is still on the right track. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (21:35) - Following the news surrounding the Juan Soto promotion to the Nationals on Sunday, Mike Rizzo met with reporters at Nationals Park. After hearing all Rizzo had to say about the young left-handed power hitter, the guys discuss the importance and impact of the promotion and role Soto could have. RANT OF THE DAY – KINDA (34:45) - There are so many questions and rules surrounding saying “Bless You” after someone sneezes and Dan needs some help. Are there inappropriate times to bless someone? How many times is too many? Can you over-bless? John and Claude try to give Dan some help. ON DECK – (45:20) - With the injuries piling up, Dan discusses the importance of the everyday s

  • 2.4 One Month In, High Cheese  Bold Takes

    2.4 One Month In, High Cheese & Bold Takes

    01/05/2018 Duración: 57min

    LEADING OFF (1:55) - With the first month of the 2018 season is in the books, there is a lot to talk about. The Nats aren’t off to the start they had hoped for, but things are looking up as the team kicks of May. Dan and John dive into a bevy of topics – bullpen, offense, injuries and more – and examine the first month of play for Davey Martinez’s bunch. BAESBALL TERMINOLOGY (19:30) - Unparalleled by any other sport, baseball definitely has a language all to it’s own. The guys dive into the wacky lexicon of the National Pastime. Nats beat writers and fans also weigh in on their favorite or most perplexing baseball saying. RANT OF THE DAY (39:43) - Exercise is good. We can all agree on that. However, Dan does not think all exercise is equal and how you do it can make him rather angry. He will explain. ON DECK – BOLD TAKES (46:40) - Dan and John each predict a few “Bold Takes” – things that they think will happen as the season continues. Dan eyes a new arm in the Nats bullpen and John sees good th

  • 2.3 K Long, Shrimp Tails  Vote for Pedro

    2.3 K Long, Shrimp Tails & Vote for Pedro

    12/04/2018 Duración: 01h01min

    LEADING OFF…WITH SOME POSITIVES (4:25) - With the 2018 season off and running, there is plenty to talk about – both positives and negatives. Dan dives into the emergence of Pedro Severino and what his impact could mean to the club. John brings up the impressive start by the top of the Nats rotation – and it doesn’t stop at just Max and Stras. AND SOME NEGATIVES…. (17:25) - While some mistakes have been made by the Nats, they might not be the biggest concern…we will explain why. Also, the outfield situation has had some bumps early on - Dan discusses Michael A. Taylor’s slow start, Adam Eaton’s D.L. stint and the injury to Victor Robles. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (19:20) - Bryce Harper is off to a torrid start this season, leading the majors with six home runs. Dan sits down with the new Nationals Hitting Coach Kevin Long to discuss Harper’s approach this season and some new hitting concepts Kevin has brought to Harp. IS THIS OK? (41:50) - The answer may seem obvious, but this edition involves shrimp

  • 2.2 Spring Hatred, Roster Notes  Line Morale

    2.2 Spring Hatred, Roster Notes & Line Morale

    27/03/2018 Duración: 01h04min

    LEADING OFF (3:35) - With Opening Day just two days away, the Nationals’ roster is pretty much set. Dan goes through each of the final decisions – what they were, how they impact the roster and what they mean moving forward. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (26:05) - Dan chats with some Nats players as their time in Florida winds down. Ryan Zimmerman, Sean Doolittle and Shawn Kelley all weigh in on their thoughts on Spring Training, which of their teammates hates Spring Training the most, and if they were commissioner how long they would make their time in Florida. RANT OF THE DAY (43:30) - After a month of traveling to and from West Palm Beach, Dan and John have some things to say about air travel. Security line Do’s and Don’ts, Flight attendant etiquette and airport routines are all put through the ringer. ON DECK (56:23) - Dan breaks down the importance of Tanner Roark’s 2018 campaign. Can Tanner get back to his 2016 form and solidify an already strong Nats rotation? The guys discuss. John looks at the

  • 2.1 The Boys are Back in Town, Gummy Vitamins  Over/Unders

    2.1 The Boys are Back in Town, Gummy Vitamins & Over/Unders

    08/03/2018 Duración: 01h11min

    LEADING OFF (6:05) - After a long winter, Between Innings with Dan Kolko is back for another season. With spring training in full swing, Dan and producer John Harvey discuss all that happened in the offseason for the Nats, as far as arrivals, departures, and what roster spots are still up for grabs. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (27:25) - Dan sits down with the Nats’ new skipper, Davey Martinez. Davey lets us know how his first camp is going, some early impressions of the 2018 Nationals and whether or not we can expect any more animals to make an appearance at Nats camp in West Palm Beach. SPRING TRAINING TAKEAWAYS (31:30) - Dan and John break down some early takeaways from Nats camp. How will each coach impact the club? Which players are impressing in the Sunshine State? How has third base coach Bob Henley’s role expanded under his new manager? IS THIS OK? (43:20) - Back by popular demand, Dan poses a question involving gummy bears, vitamins and children. Dan relates to all three. STORIES FROM THE R

  • 18. What Do We Do Now?

    18. What Do We Do Now?

    17/10/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    LEADING OFF (7:50) - With a lot to digest, Dan and John dive into a crazy 2017 NLDS and the Nats’ performance. Positives, negatives and everything in between - the guys discuss, debate and try to make sense of the battle with the Cubs. ON DECK (47:30) - Now that the 2017 season is in the rearview mirror, John tees Dan up with some of the storylines we will be watching as the winter months tick by. Jayson Werth’s future with the Nats, the managerial spot and how the roster will look come spring training are all up for debate.

  • 17. Nats  Cubs - Playoff Preview

    17. Nats & Cubs - Playoff Preview

    05/10/2017 Duración: 01h24min

    LEADING OFF (3:22) - With the NLDS upon us, Dan has all the latest from Dusty Baker’s latest press conference leading up to Game 1. The guys compare and contrast the starting rotations, bullpens and offenses of the Nationals and Cubs this season, and Dan and John tackle everything else surrounding the start of this five-game NLDS in DC Friday night. ON THE BEAT (42:15) - Dan chats with Patrick Mooney, the Cubs beat reporter for NBCSChicago, to get a Chicago perspective on the NLDS, including how the Cubs’ rotation looks, why the Cubs feel all the pressure is on the Nats, and what the key storyline might be for Joe Maddon’s club. WHAT CAN’T DAN DO? (1:00:30 ) - John goes on a mini-rant (inspired by Jim Rome’s “Softball Guy” bit) about an experience from his beer-league softball game in Baltimore. John also enlightens listeners on a few things they might not know about Dan and things that Dan certainly does not do. ON DECK (1:13:00) - With the NLDS set to kick off tomorrow night (Friday) at Nats Par

  • 16. The Kid Returns, The Beard Reflects  The Year That Was

    16. The Kid Returns, The Beard Reflects & The Year That Was

    28/09/2017 Duración: 01h04min

    LEADING OFF (9:33) - The guys are back for the final show of the regular season. Dan and John give their initial reactions to the now-know opponent of the Nats in the NLDS, the Cubs. Dan also weighs in on the early returns from Byrce Harper’s first two games back with the club. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (23:20) - Dan’s sit-down with Jayson Werth from the road trip aired on MASN’s Nats Xtra pregame show, and provided a look into Jayson’s thoughts on his seven years with the Nationals. We replay that interview in full, and react to the big-picture thoughts Jayson shares. 2017 NATS MEMORABLE MOMENTS FANTASY DRAFT (45:20) - Dan and John square off in another fantasy draft. The guys take turns picking their favorite Nats moments from this season so far. The brawl, Gio’s near no-no, multiple walk-off endings and Scherzer’s, “I got this,” moment are all up for grabs. ON DECK (1:00:10) - With only four regular season games remaining, Dan focuses in on Gio’s last start coming up this Sunday and what a solid outin

  • 15. The Clinch

    15. The Clinch

    13/09/2017 Duración: 01h09min

    LEADING OFF (4:30) - It’s all about the Clinch in the opening segment this week. The Nats won their fourth NL East title in the past six years, and John and Dan break down their perspectives of the Sunday celebration. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (29:15) - Even though winning division titles might seem like old hat to some Nats fans, there are players in the clubhouse that are experiencing it for the first time. Dan catches up with Matt Albers, Brandon Kintzler & Adam Lind to talk about their first taste of a clinch/first postseason appearance. IS THIS OK? & FANTASY BASEBALL JOB DRAFT REVISIT (40:50) - The fans have weighed in on our tooth brushing and flossing debate from last episode and the results remain mixed. Fans also suggest some other baseball jobs they find draft-worthy. RANT OF THE DAY (48:55) - Dan hops on his soapbox once again and etiquette around elevators is the topic at hand. Rider beware if you arrive at an elevator Dan is already waiting for. ON DECK (53:55) - John tees Dan up on fi

  • 14. Clinching, Sending, Drafting  Flossing

    14. Clinching, Sending, Drafting & Flossing

    08/09/2017 Duración: 01h12min

    LEADING OFF (6:35) - The guys are back in town and ready to talk some Nats baseball as another NL East title is looming. Dan discusses the near certainty that the club will clinch at home for the first time since 2012, while John takes a look back at the two sweeps over the Marlins in the past two weeks and just how big of a deal that was. IS THIS A BAD THING (16:10) - John tees up Dan with some recent trends surrounding the Nats and asks, “Is This a Bad Thing?” or if there is an angle that makes those situations positive. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (29:00) - Dan sits down with Nationals 3rd Base Coach Bob Henley. They discuss “Ole Hen’s” preparation to each and every play, inning and pitch. Bob also enlightens us on “Seed Geography” FANTASY BASEBALL JOB DRAFT (46:55) - Given the recently concluded season of fantasy football drafts, Dan and John have their own draft of sorts. The best baseball jobs are up for grabs! IS THIS OK? (57:48) - Dan fills us in on a recent debate he ran into – the order in wh

  • 13. The Band is Back, Pen Life  Shark Hunts

    13. The Band is Back, Pen Life & Shark Hunts

    29/08/2017 Duración: 01h03min

    LEADING OFF (4:35) - The band is back together! Dan and John discuss the return of Jayson Werth and Max Scherzer to the Nationals. The guys also talk about the expected return of Trea Turner to the lineup and what it means to have the roster becoming whole down the stretch. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (20:50) - Dan sits down with one of the newest Nats, Brandon Kintzler. Brandon lets the Between Innings listeners into to his world as a late-inning MLB reliever – his routines, habits and workouts, and how he prepares his body and his mind on a daily basis. STORIES FROM THE ROAD (34:53) - With our hearts and thoughts with those in Houston, we look back at a couple memorable moments from our time in the Magnolia City on the last road trip. Let’s just say real life sharks and out-of-this-world mascots are involved. GAME OF THRONES RECAP (50:50) - Season 7 of GoT has ended and the Nationals’ resident Game of Thrones expert, Shawn Kelley, joins the show to talk all things Thrones. ON DECK (59:00) - As th

  • 12. Down the Stretch with Max and Rain Delay Fill

    12. Down the Stretch with Max and Rain Delay Fill

    15/08/2017 Duración: 55min

    LEADING OFF (4:10) - The boys are back for a second episode of this homestand, and the opening topic is of course Bryce. Dan dives into what we know about Harper’s injury, the timetable for his return and the initial and current reactions to his knee injury. INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE (15:55) - Max Scherzer joins Dan to talk about his routine down the stretch of the season. The Nats' ace shares his thoughts on pitch counts, days off and just how much he will have left in the tank come October. KILLING TIME (28:20) - Just what do members of the media do to kill time during rain delays? Dan had plenty of practice this past weekend and fills us in on press box polls and debates about pointless topics. GAME OF THRONES RECAP (38:00) - In a timed two-minute recap, the guys discuss the most recent episode and some shocking news that came out during the show. WOULD YOU RATHER (40:27) - A baseball-centric segment that covers potential Nats playoff opponents, the MLB extra innings format and whether the cu

  • 11. Miami Magic, Media Spreads  Living a Deal

    11. Miami Magic, Media Spreads & Living a Deal

    08/08/2017 Duración: 01h06min

    LEADING OFF (7:00) - The first of two shows this homestand kicks off with the guys talking about how the Nats are still winning games despite being bitten by the injury bug. Dan also dives into the newly stocked bullpen and how a perceived weakness has now become a strength. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (23:25) - Sean Doolittle joins us to discuss the behind-the-scenes aspects of being traded in the middle of the season - what the process is like, who is involved, and how a player and his family (and dogs) deal with moving cities/organizations. A LOOK BACK (35:25) - Dan relives the memorable night in Miami that left Gio Gonzalez three outs short of a no-hitter on what would have been his good friend Jose Fernandez’s 25th birthday. The guys also discuss the impressive series win in Chicago. IS THIS OK? - RECAP (43:25) - Listeners have weighed in on the controversial topics debated last time – melted ice cream, third-party jersey and all. FROM THE BLEACHERS (47:05) - Dan fields questions from listeners that

  • 10. G.O.T., Melted Ice Cream and The Trade Deadline

    10. G.O.T., Melted Ice Cream and The Trade Deadline

    26/07/2017 Duración: 01h05min

    LEADING OFF (3:00) - The guys are back after the All-Star break and a long road trip. Dan dives into the trade that landed Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle in D.C. and its implications on the back end of the Nats’ bullpen. The guys also discuss Edwin Jackson’s return to the Nats’ starting rotation and what that means for the 5th starter spot moving forward. IN THE CLUBHOUSE (20:35) - Dan leaves baseball aside when he sits down with Shawn Kelley to talk all things “Game of Thrones”. Shawn gives us his take on the 7th season so far and discusses just how many guys on the team are G.O.T. followers. WHEELIN’ AND DEALIN’ (35:50) - With the non-waiver trade deadline five days away, Dan and John talk about what potential moves the Nats could still make and what areas of the roster the front office could potentially look to improve. IS THIS OK? (48:05) - Back by popular demand, Dan poses two more scenarios and wonders – are they are ok? Other teams’ jerseys and melted ice cream are this week’s hotly de

  • 9. The Deadline, The Beat  The Break

    9. The Deadline, The Beat & The Break

    06/07/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    LEADING OFF (6:30) - After a discussion about the July 4th pomp and circumstance and whether or not fireworks are overrated, Dan dives into the Trea Turner injury. What does it means moving forward for the team? John brings up the depth of the Nationals bench and just how important that is to a championship caliber team. ON THE BEAT (22:15) - Dan sits down with Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post and Mark Zuckerman of to talk about the first half storylines of the Nats season, the looming trade deadline and potential trade targets for the team. WOULD YOU RATHER (49:15) - Dan fires a variety of All-Star break themed scenarios at players as we approach the break. Brian Goodwin, Matt Wieters and Sammy Solis all weigh in on these very hard-hitting questions. ON DECK (57:00) - The guys talk about the importance of the All-Star break itself and just how much can be gained from a “productive” break. Dan also brings up the latest on Jayson Werth and the value that a healthy, productiv

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