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  • 6-9-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC.QB: USAQ)

    10/06/2021 Duración: 09min

    USAQ Chief Executive Officer Troy Grogan discusses the recently announced co-promotion agreement with ENP Network, the largest web-based services provider to the nurse practitioner (NP) community and nurse practitioner associations with over 260,000 members. In addition, USAQ products, AllergiEnd®’s allergy diagnostic and allergen immunotherapy products will be featured at the upcoming University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine Allergy Diagnostics and Allergen Immunotherapy Virtual CME event on June 26, 2021. “We are very excited to be partnering with ENP Network which will further expand our independent medical provider customer network, leveraging ENP’s extensive network and industry knowledge of the nurse practitioner sector. Our AllergiEnd® allergy diagnostic and allergen immunotherapy products are well suited to provide nurse practitioners with enhanced chronic disease management, preventive solutions and value-based digital tools to evaluate and treat their patients. These procedures are also reimb

  • 6-9-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: BZWR)

    10/06/2021 Duración: 10min

    Business Warrior Management Discusses Dramatic Jump in March Revenues in Audio Interview with Business Warrior previously reported that its March revenues increased over 350% compared to February. However, as the accounting for the month was closed, the actual revenue growth exceeded that estimate by reaching over 412% revenue growth. Additionally, the company is reporting that the positive momentum continued through April and May, which will result in the company's strongest quarter ever. Business Warrior's goal is to help its business subscribers determine what's preventing them from getting more customers, guide them to solve the problems identified, and propel their marketing campaigns forward to reach a clear return on investment. Its business model specializes in small local businesses or medium sized companies looking to scale up. "Every business owner wants to know if their marketing dollars are giving them a return on their investment (ROI), but it remains a big, unknown answer to m

  • 2021 1st Quarter Shareholder Update Call

    03/06/2021 Duración: 18min

    KULR's Q1 revenue increased by 439% year-over-year as we continue to make significant investments in all areas of our business to sustain and expand in 2021 and beyond. We are pleased to announce the Company recently raised $6.5 million in capital on May 20, 2021. Our belief is that this investment validates the value our new investors see in KULR's ability to commercialize within additional e-mobility markets. This funding is expected to significantly strengthen the Company's balance sheet and further advance KULR's up listing process to a senior U.S. exchange. KULR's business model continues to evolve as the Company focuses on near-term commercialization opportunities for its technology in the energy storage, electrical transportation, and battery transportation markets. We recently announced our first new smart battery product for the commercial drone market. This is the opening step of KULR's overall strategy to target adjacent markets complimentary to our established battery safety and thermal management

  • 6-1-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with Tego Cyber (OTC.QB: TGCB)

    01/06/2021 Duración: 17min

      Tego Cyber Inc. Discusses its Solution to Mounting Cybersecurity Threats in Audio Interview with AUSTIN, Texas (June 1, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Shannon Wilkinson, co-founder and CEO of Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB: TGCB), to discuss how the Company’s cyber threat intelligence application captures exponential growth opportunity within the $170 billion global cyber security market. Tego’s innovative intelligence platform reduces risk, prevents cyber-attacks, and protects intellectual property and data. Given the heightened frequency and severity of security breaches in recent years, Tego addresses a market hungry for proactive solutions that stay ahead of criminal attacks. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Wilkinson described the tactical history of Tego and how its corporate structure enables the Company to advance its platform and deliver scalable solutions. “We’re really filling the gap and ending some of the frustrations th

  • Nightfood Investor Conference Call for May, 26th 2021 (NGTF)

    26/05/2021 Duración: 23min

    Nightfood, Inc. (OTCQB: NGTF), the better-for-you snack company targeting the $50 billion Americans spend annually on nighttime snacks, today announced its results of operations for its fiscal third quarter ended March 31, 2021. The Company will also be hosting an investor conference call on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time to discuss business updates and the quarter’s financial results. Fiscal third-quarter 2021 recent developments and financial results include: Recent Business Highlights: Subsequent to the end of the third quarter, Nightfood ice cream was delivered to Walmart and introduced on-shelf in over 1,000 Walmart locations from coast to coast. Management successfully initiated a retail pilot test of Nightfood sleep-friendly ice cream in the lobby grab-and-go shops of a global hotel group. A successful test is expected to result in national distribution in thousands of hotels across the country, across their portfolio of hotel brands. The Company introduced its bold new packaging

  • 2-5-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC.QB: USAQ)

    20/05/2021 Duración: 18min

    USA Equities Corp. (OTCQB: USAQ) Discusses its Digital Medicine as the Future of Healthcare in Audio Interview with AUSTIN, Texas (May 20, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Troy Grogan, CEO of USA Equities Corp. (OTCQB: USAQ), to discuss the Company’s digital medicine and virtual care platform designed to make healthcare encounters more efficient, cost-effective and comfortable for both the physician and patient. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Grogan outlined the five focal points that drive USAQ’s business model and growth trajectory. This structure generates recurring revenue for both USAQ and its physician clients, while the Company’s remote-patient monitoring technology meets greater demand for virtual care in post-pandemic healthcare. “Only 15 or so months ago we wouldn’t have thought virtual care technologies and digital medicine would come to the forefront … but they are here and they’re here to stay,” Grogan explained. “A lo

  • 5-17-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: ECOX)

    18/05/2021 Duración: 12min

    Eco Innovation Highlights Key Growth Initiatives in Audio Interview with AUSTIN, Texas (May 18, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with management at Eco Innovation Group Inc. (OTC: ECOX) ("ECOX" or the "Company"), an innovative company aggregating investments in new technologies that promote environmental and social well-being and the advancement of green energy solutions. Eco Innovation CEO Julia Otey-Raudes is joined by advisor Patrick Laurie to review the Company’s pipeline of technology and market expansion strategy. Eco Innovation works with inventors to help drive innovation through the full lifecycle of a technology. The Company utilizes a nine-step process to identify and advance the technology assets in its portfolio to disrupt established markets and optimize eco-innovation. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Otey-Raudes first provided an update on Eco Innovation’s uplisting process and touted Canada as the strategic location for t

  • 5-5-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with Viking Energy Group

    06/05/2021 Duración: 10min Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Viking Energy Group, Inc. (OTCQB: VKIN) (“Viking” or the “Company”), an independent exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of oil and natural gas properties in the onshore Gulf Coast and Mid-Continent regions, to discuss the Company’s achievements to date from inception, an overview of the Company’s portfolio of assets and the goals for the company here in 2021. Key Financial Highlights for 2020 (all figures are approximate): Revenues grew year over year to $40.27 million, as compared to $34.59 million in 2019. Total Cash balance was $7.84 million, as compared to $5.64 million at December 31, 2019. Of the Dec. 31, 2020 cash balance, $3.86 million represented restricted cash within the Company’s Ichor and Elysium divisions pursuant to the terms of applicable credit agreements, as compared to $3.88 million in restricted cash within the Company’s Ichor division at December 31, 2019. Net Lo

  • 4-19-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with BriaCell Therapeutics Corp

    21/04/2021 Duración: 13min

    AUSTIN, Texas (April XX, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Bill Williams, M.D., president CEO of BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (NASDAQ: BCTX, BCTXW) (TSX-V: BCT) (“the Company”), to discuss the Company’s targeted immunotherapies for breast cancer and its unique position as a clinical-stage biotech with proof-of-concept data for its lead asset. BriaCell develops novel therapies for the safe and targeted management of cancer. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Dr. Williams discusses BriaCell’s drug pipeline, highlighting lead candidate Bria-IMT™ for advanced breast cancer. As the second-leading cause of cancer in women, breast cancer kills 43,000 women in the U.S. each year. With Bria-IMT, BriaCell sees the potential to change these statistics; Bria-IMT has achieved positive proof-of-concept (POC) in three clinical trials, where it improved the survival rate of women with advanced-stage breast cancer by over a year. While the positive data was an obvious win

  • 4-16-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: MCOA)

    20/04/2021 Duración: 21min

    AUSTIN, Texas (April 20th, 2021) --, Inc. (“SCV”) today announced the availability of a new interview with Jesus Quintero, CEO of Marijuana Company of America Inc. ("MCOA" or the "Company") (OTC: MCOA), an innovative hemp corporation. Quintero answers shareholder questions that were submitted on the MCOA social media sites. Topics covered on the call included how will MCOA profit from efforts led by OTC:CBGL and OTC:ECOX, several topics related to the MCOA shares and share price, where MCOA is at regarding a potential up-list to higher exchange, what are plans for getting products into new states/countries as legalization continues to grow, and much more. While answering investor questions, Quintero tells Smith, “Our 2020 sale’s revenue was impacted by the global pandemic, but in 2021 we have shifted to our new eCommerce platform. This transition involved the rebranding of our products, utilizing our social media platforms to reach new markets, as well as introducing some new intangibles t

  • 4-19-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: BZWR)

    20/04/2021 Duración: 12min

    AUSTIN, Texas (April 20, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Rhett Doolittle, CEO of Business Warrior Corp. (OTC: BZWR) (“the Company”), to discuss the Company’s business model and how it is scaling up its operations for greater market reach. Business Warrior is a software-as-a-service (Saas) company with a unique platform that helps small businesses optimize their efficiencies to attract and retain customers. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Doolittle describes the Company’s business software and the value it brings to small businesses looking to increase their profitability. “We’re trying to solve major problems for small businesses in America right now,” says Doolittle. “If we can take something off their plate, they can focus on what they do best. We’re loading hundreds, thousands of new clients to our software a month and I’m shocked at how many are missing the complete basics of having an online presence or not even online.” Business Warrior’s soft

  • 4-14-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with Real Brands, Inc. (OTC:RLBD)

    14/04/2021 Duración: 17min Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Thom Kidrin, CEO of Real Brands Inc. (OTCPK: RLBD) (“the Company”), to discuss the Company’s value, following its merger with Canadian American Standard Hemp Inc. (CASH), as a provider of hemp CBD oil/isolate extraction, wholesaling of CBD oils and isolate, and production and sales of hemp-derived CBD consumer brands. The acquisition of CASH brings with it CASH’s affiliation with Turning Point Brands, Inc. (NYSE: TPB), a strategic equity shareholder and investor in CASH, as well as a customer for bulk CBD oils and isolates used in Turning Point products. Turning Point has more than 250,000 points of distribution with leading brands such as Zig-Zag®, Stoker’s®, and Beech Nut®. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Kidrin describes the Company’s operations and how it generates multiple revenue streams through its focus on the growing global hemp-derived CBD market. The merger with CASH now allows them to become a publicly traded ent

  • 3-29-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with RDE, Inc. (OTCQB:RSTN)

    30/03/2021 Duración: 17min

    RDE Inc. CEO Discusses Corporate Resilience and Resolve in Audio Interview with AUSTIN, Texas (March 30, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Ketan Thakker, CEO of RDE Inc. (OTCQB: RSTN) (“the Company”), to discuss the Company’s value as a provider of online deals to the restaurant industry, as well as management’s ability to generate growth amid the COVID pandemic. RDE (restaurant, dining and entertainment) owns and operates, the largest restaurant-focused digital deal brands in the U.S. Through an array of customized rewards, incentives and loyalty benefits programs, has become a key ingredient in the recipe for resilience for many independent restaurants nationwide. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Thakker describes the Company’s operations and how it generates multiple revenue streams through its B2B, B2C and ancillary businesses. Key partnerships – which include T-Mobile, Florida Power, Progressive I

  • 2020 4th Quarter Shareholder Update Call

    29/03/2021 Duración: 20min

    Shareholder Update Call The Company is the recording of the shareholder update call from March 29th, 2021 at 12pm EDT. Michael Mo, KULR's CEO; Keith Cochran, President & COO, and Simon Westbrook, CFO, will provide a business update for the Company and answer questions submitted in advance. Fourth Quarter 2020 Financial Highlights: Fourth Quarter 2020 vs. Fourth Quarter 2019 Raised $8,000,000 of gross proceeds from sale of common stock and warrants. Increased shareholder equity from a deficiency of $525,612 at September 30, 2020 to a surplus of $6,118,552 by the end of the quarter ended December 31, 2020. Increase in revenue by 298% compared to the prior year corresponding quarter - mainly reflecting increased aerospace and government business. Improved gross margins from 48% in the quarter ended December 31, 2019 to 80% in the quarter ended December 31, 2020. - ADVERTISEMENT - Fourth Quarter 2020 and Recent Operational Highlights In March 2021, Keith Cochran joined KULR as President and COO. Mr. Cochr

  • 3-26-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with MedX Holdings, Inc. OTC: MEDH

    29/03/2021 Duración: 12min

    AUSTIN, Texas (Mar. 29th, 2020) --, Inc. (“SCV”) today announced the availability of a recent interview with the leadership of MedX Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: MEDH), a brands and acquisition company. The interview focusses on the work being done by the Company on its hemp farm, the outlook for hemp in Texas and USA, other news and moves by MEDX and 2021 outlook from the CEO. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Enriquez explains the work and achievements for the Company in Q1 2021. He also provides his thoughts on the hemp markets, how MEDX will position itself, how they will grow through accretive acquisitions to build shareholder value and how Texas is preparing to be a major player in hemp with key votes currently taking place.

  • 3-19-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: ECOX)

    23/03/2021 Duración: 14min

    Julia Otey-Raudes and Demitri J. Hopkins of Eco Innovation Group, Inc., are Featured in a New Audio Interview with Interview focusses on the innovative supercritical extraction technology that ECOX recently entered an LOI with Glytech, LLC to develop and manufacture. AUSTIN, Texas (March. 21st, 2021) --, Inc. (“SCV”) today announced the availability of a new interview with the leadership of Eco Innovation Group, Inc. (OTC: ECOX) (the “Company”), an innovative company aggregating investments in new technologies that promote environmental and social well-being, and the advancement of green energy solutions. The interview outlines the development of ECOX’s portfolio of technology assets, the evolution of the Company to date, and the goals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Otey-Raudes provides a recap of the 2020 milestones and the company moves and news so far in 2021. From there the interview focusses on the work of Demitri J. Hopkins. Ho

  • 3-15-21 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: MCOA)

    17/03/2021 Duración: 14min, Inc. (“SCV”) today announced the availability of a new interview with the Paula Vetter, Marijuana Company of America Inc.’ medical advisor ("MCOA" or the "Company") (OTC: MCOA), an innovative hemp corporation. The interview focuses on her work with the high-quality formulations for hempSMART’s organic, plant-based products. Paula is the Medical Advisor at hempSMART. She assists with product development and formulation, and reviews ingredients and product COA's for quality, purity, and efficacy. She produces product education videos and answers scientific and product questions for the global hempSMART market. Paula conducts educational seminars on hemp for the general public as well as for the medical community. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower individuals and families to take charge of their health and transform their lives, with hempSMART’s superior product line. Paula Vetter RN, MSN, FNP is a Board Certified Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner (retired), Certified Herbalist

  • 3-12-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with Biotricity (OTC.QB: BTCY)

    15/03/2021 Duración: 15min

    AUSTIN, Texas (March XX, 2021) -- Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq, CEO of Biotricity Inc. (OTCQB: BTCY) (“the Company”), a modern medical technology company delivering disruptive solutions to the multi-billion-dollar cardiac monitoring and diagnostic market. Biotricity’s flagship Bioflux® product is a wearable medical device that enables physicians to accurately monitor and diagnose cardiac patients in real-time for effective treatment and pain management. While this technology alone targets a massive demographic, the Company’s full pipeline of remote cardiac monitoring and diagnostic solutions provides access to a multi-billion-dollar market hungry for digital innovation. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Dr. Al-Siddiq describes how Biotricity builds and delivers its technology to benefit patients, care providers and the broader healthcare industry, while building long-term value for the Company.

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