Welcome to Nerdblurb! You wont learn much.... but you'll be laughing so hard you won't care. At Nerdblurb we discuss today's tech topics from a different angle....ours. Favorite topics include Anime, Family Guy, The Simpsons, gadgets, new technology, Star Wars, video games, Movies, Music, and this crazy thing we call life. With your hosts, Steve and Edgar, we'll hit you hard with podcast gold.


  • Nerdblurb-200



    Holy crap, we're finally doing it. That's right folks, podcast 200 is here. We actually made it. Rather than keep pushing it back, we decide to just put out another podcast and move on. Yep, just like when you're old and don't care about your birthday. A special thanks to everyone that listens, and especially those that have been there since the beginning. Its crazy that some of you have stuck around for 200 episodes and we're humbled just a bit more every time we throw another show on the pile.

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    Hey guys, thanks for downloading podcast 199. This week we talk about Forza Horizon 2, Destiny, and frankly, some other stuff that neither Edgar or I can remember. We promise its worth listening to, we just can't tell you why at the moment...

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    Hey guys, thanks for downloading podcast 198. This week we catch up and talk about our mud run from a few weeks ago and I talk a bit about Tomodatchi Life on the 3DS. We also discuss Kickstarter again and one very special Kickstarter in particular. You may have noticed recently that I hooked up the Nerdblurb Twitter account to This is in prep for the upcoming Destiny beta that I plan to stream with the guys. We'll talk about it more on the next podcast, but i'd like to hear if there's any interest to watch us stream or stream with us

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    This week on podcast 197 we talk about movies in IMAX and Dolby Atomos sound. We also talk about Edgar's resurgence in gaming where we discuss Tomb Raider and Mario Kart 8. And of course, there's miscellaneous odds and ends that take us off course but we eventually find our way back. Those of you interested in the Nerdblurb Mario Kart 8 tourney, let us know. Its coming and its gonna be great.

  • Nerdblurb E3 2014

    Nerdblurb E3 2014


    This week's show starts off with us recapping the Big Two's press events and the Nintendo digital event from Tuesday. Then we jump into our day at E3 that starts off with Project Morpheus impressions. From our trip to Nintendo and Microsoft, we have impressions of Splatoon, Kirby 2015, Killer Instinct Season Two, Dance Central Spotlight, Fantasia Music Evolved, the Dead Rising 3 DLC, and Ubisoft's new fitness game Shapeup. Finally, we close out the day in South Hall, which includes our impressions Destiny and our thoughts on the Aliens Isolation and MGS5 gameplay demos.

  • Nerdblurb-196



    THE KICKSTARTER IS FUNDED! I promise that will make more sense in about 90 minutes. In the meantime, sit back and listen in as we talk about the big news stories in podcast 196. This week we talk about YouTube buying Twitch, ATT buying DirectTV, and give our thoughts on the Gozilla reboot. We also talk about about the new and improved, our new personal photography sites, and cutting the cord by ditching cable TV. Finally, Edgar gets a little teary-eyed when we talk about my new habit of erasing our special moments by purging my pictures folder.

  • Nerdblurb-195



    What up folks, after the little RSS mixup with podcast 194, we're back with 195. This week we talk quite a bit about the state of the Xbox One after the recent price drop announcement. We also talk a big about big tech companies choosing to design their own hardware, how Pebble is like a Palm, and the return of Harry Zinger. That's right, The Zinger is back, kinda... on Twitter.

  • Nerdblurb-194



    Yikes, sorry this is late guys. The file has been ready for a while and I just forgot to post. I don't remember what we talked about at this point, so you'll be going in blind. Regardless, thanks for continuing to listen and if anyone can remember what episode contains the Pokemon parody STD'S, please let me know.

  • Nerdblurb-193



    Happy April folks. This week, we're back to talk about Team No Burpees and the Hot Chocolate 5/15k. We also talk about Netflix moving to 5k and the recently announced Amazon FireTV. Finally, we talk a little about Attack on Titan, the iPhone 6 leak, and BARTKIRA!!!! Also guys, if you're interested in running with us as part of Team No Burpees, please reach out and let us know. We're serious, so if you want to join in, please do.

  • Nerdblurb-192



    What up peeps, welcome to podcast 192. This week we record on location in San Diego on the eve of our next race. This week we talk about Mt. Gox finding 115 million dollars, the recent earthquake in LA, and I give my impressions of the PS Wireless Gold headphones. FYI, was a fun race and challenging race the next morning, so expect to hear about it on the next podcast.

  • Nerdblurb-191



    Holy crap, 2 podcasts in two weeks. This week's episode is a little shorter, but still a solid helping of the 'Blurb. This week we decided to hang out in LA and talk about Tesla, Titanfall and marriage...wait what? Hey, if you're reading this, let us know how it sounded. We'd like to record out and about more often, but if it sounds like crap, then we'll have to work something else out.

  • Nerdblurb-190



    We're back. Yes, the tweets were true, we've managed to record our first show in almost a year and here it is. We're a little rusty, and we definitely ramble at times, but we're alive and it was good to be recording again. Who knows how many shows we have left, but for those of you reading this now, thank you for hanging in there and not unsubscribing. Like we've always said, unless we posted a farewell note on the site, the 'Blurb isn't dead, its just on hiatus.

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    Welcome back for the second of two podcasts inside of a week. Today we pick up with our most recent podcast. This was recorded just last week and after my vacation. In this episode, I reflect on my huge backlog of trilogy ending videogames and what the means if the next gen of consoles isn't backwards compatible. We also talk about Netflix's gamble with House of Cards, and the prons/cons of releasing a season all at once. Finally, we talk about 4k TV's and the quest for 4k even higher definition content.

  • Nerdblurb-188



    Sooo, this podcast is pretty old since it was actually recorded last month on the 20th. However, since then, I've gone on vacation and we've already recorded 189. Since it's been a while, I'm not exactly sure what's on the podcast. However, I know we talk about videogames and specifically the PS4 at length. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine, but I'm just getting this up there so when I post 189 later this week, some of the stuff we talk about in there will make sense.

  • Nerdblurb-187



    Welcome back. Happy new year peeps! It's 2013 and we're back to waste a bit of your time while we ramble on and sample appetizers. This week we talk about a mis-adventures in home repair because since our last podcast, my pipes burst and Edgar became a landlord. We also talk about Ni No Kuni, the game that finally got Edgar back into videogames. Finally, we talk a bit about my new Sigma 35mm 1.4 and our new found obsession to get the shots we want. Thanks for listening guys and we'll see you again in a week or two.

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    Ok, so I promise I won't make this a habit, but since its the holidays and i've been sitting on this podcast for a week, i'm just going to through it up on the RSS and let you all be surprised. Once New Year's is over, we'll be back on schedule, but until then, hope you're all enjoying the holidays.

  • Nerdblurb-185



    Hey guys, sorry we're late but here we are with podcast 185. This week we decided to record at Arclight in Hollywood, but it didn't turn out like we expected. Since it was a bit quieter than we expected, we sound a little subdued so I apologize in advance. This week, we reacap the usual Nerdblurbs and talk a bit about Halo 4. Since it was kind of a slow news week, its a pretty brief show. Thanks for downloading, have a good holiday weekend if you celebrate it, and we'll be back soon with podcast 186.

  • Nerdblurb-184



    We decided to get back together and record early due to the two big news items of the week. Of course I'm talking about the recent management shakeup at Apple and Disney's big news. First up we talk at length about the men in charge of iOS and the Apple retail leaving the company. This is pretty huge and it should be an interesting day when the NYSE opens tomorrow. Then we discuss the other megaton this week which is the fact that DISNEY JUST BOUGHT LUCASFILM! Yes, you heard that correctly, The Mouse now owns the Avengers, the Rebel Alliance, and the Empire. Holy. Crap.

  • Nerdblurb-183



    Hey guys, thanks for coming back for podcast 183. This weekend we head out of the studio to once again record at CityWalk. On tap for this week is our thoughts on the recent Apple press conference. This means we discuss the iMac, Mac Mini, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and Apple's new Fusion Drive technology. We also talk a bit about the Microsoft Surface and give you our in-depth recount of Edgar running from zombies during the Run For Your Lives 5K. We really like this whole recording on location thing, so if you like it or hate it let us know. Thanks again for stopping by.

  • Nerdblurb-182



    Hey folks, we're back again for podcast 182. So this week in Nerdblurb's we talk about the Pirate Bay going to the cloud, give some pricing details on Microsoft's Surface tablet, and discuss noise-canceling headphones. We also talk about the recent space jump and just how god damn crazy that guy is for actually jumping. Finally, we close out the show talking cameras and discuss Kathy's recent decision to go mirror-less. I'd like to give another thanks to "stj3086" - thanks for the email dude, we sincerely appreciate it.

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