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  • Jason Charles Miller!

    Jason Charles Miller!

    18/09/2014 Duración: 45min

    Man of many voices, music star, and bona-fide nerd Jason Charles Miller joins us live from Los Angeles on the new Nerdville, TN! Erin and Mack enter the new studio digs and discover how to be a geek before VHS, how to catch Anime in Northern Virginia, and what it's like to straddle the line between Goth and Industrial. Plus a career that's bounced from The Guild to Day of the Dead to Code Geass to Batman to The Last Airbender to gODHEAD to "Uncountry" and everything in between. Then previews of what's coming for Muzzled! The Musical and Zombie 360. Keep on drivin', because you're entering the all-new and improved Nerdville, TN!

  • We Are Sorry

    We Are Sorry

    15/09/2014 Duración: 54min

    Tonight! It's our most free-form episode yet as we cover everything new in Middle Tennessee! GMX adds a new guest (and Mack remembers God's cousin, Rod), Taylor Swift runs from Nashville and her country past, and a new gateway to the East looms at BNA. Plus: Erin digs deep into Supernatural, Mack gets blamed for making The Identical, and we both remember when YA was just called "books." It's time to keep up, because we're making a sprint through Nerdville, TN!

  • Monkey Trouble

    Monkey Trouble

    04/09/2014 Duración: 01h09min

    Tonight! Erin encounters a strange kind of mullet and gets extra crispy, Mack watches The Sulu and Pond Show and contemplates some Wahlbergers, and we try to make sense of Nashville's ever-growing urban sprawl. (Special shout-out to LoBro and SoBro, our favorite twin nonsense portmanteaus!) Plus: living in Mandyville, the One True Batman, how to save Rory Williams, what Callie Khouri didn't write, Michael Dorn's eating habits, and how Nashville could be destination television. All this and a Fall TV preview on our most monkey-troubling episode of Nerdville, TN yet!   Follow us on Twitter: @NTNMack and @NTNErin And Facebook: And Tumblr:

  • Clap On! Clap Moff!

    Clap On! Clap Moff!

    28/08/2014 Duración: 59min

    Summer is winding down, but the news never stops in Nerdville! GMX adds a brand-new excellent guest for their October show, the Sounds have their last cheer at Greer, the Emmys justify everyone's love of Slut Bunwalla, and Doctor Who invades theaters! Mack has ideas about what's going on with that last scene in "Deep Breath," Erin talks the secret powers of Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue, and we come out swinging in (limited) support of Moffat and his occasionally infuriating writing. Take a Labor Day drive with us, because it's all here on the newest episode of Nerdville, TN!   The Flowers of Fantastico Kickstarter: Keep up with GMX's new guests: Follow us on Twitter: @NTNMack and @NTNErin And on Facebook:  

  • Texas is the Reason

    Texas is the Reason

    27/08/2014 Duración: 45min

    Alert! Alert! We are at Cumberwatch Level Five as Benedict Cumberbatch news breaks all over the place! He's in the zoo, in the wild, even in a galaxy far, far away. Then we look back at Captain Tightpants, Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles, and The Cheerleader as we recap shows that just shouldn't have been cancelled or which do not deserve any kind of revival. Then Mack probably gets a major part of Texas lore stunningly wrong. It's all here tonight on Nerdville, TN!   Follow us on Twitter: @NTNErin & @NTNMack And Facebook!:

  • Who Is The Best

    Who Is The Best

    25/08/2014 Duración: 56min

    It's roundtable time on Nerdville! Recorded directly after "Deep Breath," here's our take on the return of Doctor Who and the sudden appearance of Peter Capaldi in the role. Opinions are slung! British people are mentioned! Eyebrows are raised! There's so much to discuss when Katie and Mary sit down with Erin and Mack for our super-siziest, Scottish-complainiest, timey-wimeyist Nerdville yet!

  • I AM JOB

    I AM JOB

    20/08/2014 Duración: 55min

    It's point-counterpoint time on Guardians of the Galaxy! We dissect the biggest movie in the observable universe, praising the good, condemning the bad, and pointing out the ugly that is on "Awesome Mixtape Vol. 1." What the ending means for Marvel Studios, how Zoe Saldana could save everything, and where the only Margaritaville for twenty light years is located.   Plus! The Rob Reiner's eighties winning streak, Billy Crystal's Still Foolin' Em, and Erin's controversial stand on some film classics.   The last half of this episode deals with the career, life, and recent death of Robin Williams. We would like to warn sensitive listeners that this segment ventures into matters of depression and suicide, and is more serious and possibly triggering than our previous episodes.

  • Chevy Nova?

    Chevy Nova?

    13/08/2014 Duración: 41min

    Tonight! Justice Dawning, T-U-R-T-L-E Powering, and Late Late Showing! Plus Erin explains why Begin Again was so damn good, Mack does his best Corey Feldman, and we discuss why Music City is still a great place for music nerds. Also, why the Adventure Science Center should keep doing their Way Late Play Dates, but why it should never involve a debate ever again.   Follow us on Twitter! @NTNMack and @NTNErin And on Facebook! And on Tumblr!

  • Stay Classy, Comic Con!

    Stay Classy, Comic Con!

    11/08/2014 Duración: 42min

    This Episode! Mack turns thirty, Erin battles the pain, and neither of us went to Comic Con! Plus the Religion of the Volcano Girls, Erin's never seen Anchorman, and we continue to Battle On, Xena! Mack joins The Avengers for an afternoon in Times Square, Erin talks New Zealand matters, and then we get off onto a serious topic.   Because what you love and how you love it doesn't need to be dictated by anyone.   Find us on Twitter! @NTNMack and @NTNErin And on Facebook!

  • The Cons of Wrath

    The Cons of Wrath

    05/08/2014 Duración: 40min

    In this episode: Erin defends two-thirds of the Riddick movies, Mack is in denial about Star Wars, and we're both excited for a strange addition to Neverland. Plus we talk about the glut of conventions at the end of July and keep praising Karl Urban. It's a jam-packed half hour tonight on Nerdville, TN!   Lil' Red, "Chicken Rap Special":

  • I Believe Sherlock Holmes (Is Taking Too Long)

    I Believe Sherlock Holmes (Is Taking Too Long)

    13/07/2014 Duración: 35min

    Recorded directly after the BBC's big decision, we break down why we love Sherlock and what we're going to do in the interim. Also: book shopping in Nashville, the endings to Clue (and an incorrect reason why it's called Cluedo), Erin has issues with a John Hughes classic, and Mack wants AMC's new show to Stop and Drop Dead.   Join us on social media, won't you? Facebook! Twitter! @NTNMack and @NTNErin Tumblr! Tell your friends! Don't tell your enemies!

  • Accio Fools Day!

    Accio Fools Day!

    11/07/2014 Duración: 31min

    On this episode: we rave as J.K. Rowling pulls a fast one on the entire internet, we rant as Nashville Geek Life accidentally pranks the metro area from the past, and we reveal what our favorite Wizard Cop has in common with Mean Girls. Also: the problem with being a muggle at Hogwarts, the good Batman movies, Nicole Kidman's handwriting, the genius of Austin Kleon, where not to write, and Nashville Public Library's time-travel quandary.   Nashville Geek Life pranks the metro accidentally: Tumblr ponders Ravenclaw drunkeness:   Follow us about on social media! Facebook! Tumblr! Twitter! @NTNMack and @NTNErin

  • Nerdville, TN: Worse Wolf Bay

    Nerdville, TN: Worse Wolf Bay

    27/06/2014 Duración: 33min

    On this episode: Mack pays tribute to Eli Wallach, Erin raises important questions about Doctor Who and SFX Magazine, and we both have serious issues with David Tennant's American accent. Plus: Australians, American Outlaws, and what to expect when you're expecting Peter Capaldi.   Mentioned on the Podcast this week: Help Nashville Geek Life Level Up: GMX is looking for Volunteers!: Muzzled The Musical's Kickstarter:   Find us on Twitter! We're @NTNErin and @NTNMack Facebook! Tumblr! Pinterest!   And thank you for listening!

  • Nerdville, TN: Drop the Pilot!

    Nerdville, TN: Drop the Pilot!

    22/05/2014 Duración: 01h46min

    It's our very first episode! Thank you for joining us for pop culture matters, nerd happenings, and all kinds of geek discussions with a southern bent. In this episode we decide if we want to follow Alfonso Cuaron on a hunt for Fantastic Beasts, try to figure out where Justice was before its Dawn, and hash out the many merits of Karl Urban. Meanwhile, Erin has a gripe with Nashville's BBQ scene and Mack goes off on a tangent about Jem and the Holograms. Welcome to Nerdville, y'all!

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