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On ReikiChat we talk about all the ways Reiki can help you in your daily life. Colleen Benelli, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the International Center for Reiki Training, talks about how to use Reiki as a life management tool, a spiritual path, an energy healing medicine that reduces stress and pain, Reiki as a path to mindfulness and meditation, and Reiki for healing of the body, mind and soul. Usui sensei said, Reiki is the secret art of inviting happiness. It reveals our spirit and awakens our consciousness. Colleen answers your questions about Reiki techniques, spirituality, healing, personal growth, how to learn Reiki in classes, how to use Reiki to invite happiness and she often has other Reiki guest speakers. But most of all, ReikiChat provides a global Reiki community by creating the opportunity for us join together in our common goal of contributing to the wellness of the world. ReikiChat has a monthly Online Reiki Circle where we talk live on a conference call! Come join the conversation!


  • Guest: Andrea Kennedy

    Guest: Andrea Kennedy

    30/04/2020 Duración: 01h42min

    Andrea Kennedy, the owner of Mainstream Reiki and a Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, is on this episode of the podcast. She tells us her story of how she came to Reiki from a science background and how she used to be skeptical of Reiki. She describes her business-minded approach to Reiki and how she wants it to be a mainstream practice, how she expresses her Reiki, and mostly how she wants everyone to express Reiki in their own way. Andrea has a wealth of resources offered through her practice, social media, and her Youtube channel Mainstream Reiki, and we really enjoyed our conversation with her! Website: facebook/mainstreamreiki Youtube - Mainstream Reiki Colleen and Robyn can be reached at: Social Colleen: facebook: @reikilifestyle Insta: @colleenbenelli Social Robyn: facebook/insta: @Robynbenellireiki

  • Guest: Jeanine Tripodi

    Guest: Jeanine Tripodi

    21/04/2020 Duración: 01h14min

    Our guest today is Jeanine Tripodi. Jeanine is a Usui/Tibetan Karuna Reiki® Master and Certified Consulting Hypnotist. She is on this episode having a heartfelt conversation with Colleen and Robyn and talking about her new book “When Shit Goes Sideways: Soul-Centered Navigation for Life” available now. She reveals how she used Reiki through the grief of the death of her son Max and how it inspired her book and the 7-Step Soul-Centered Process™ outlined in it. She tells us the 7 steps and a few tools and techniques to accomplish them.   Her book is available for purchase on Amazon. Jeanine Tripodi can be reached at: Insta: @jeaninetripodi Colleen and Robyn can be reached at: Social Colleen: facebook: @reikilifestyle Insta: @colleenbenelli Social Robyn: facebook/insta: @Robynbenellireiki

  • Online Reiki Circle April 2020

    Online Reiki Circle April 2020

    15/04/2020 Duración: 01h59min

    Mindfulness meditation @16:30. Today's hot topics @39:50: Using Reiki to manage your empathy during this time. Big and small expressions of empathy. Healing and revealing your ancestral history and how it could be expressing during this time. Stability and getting your feet underneath you when it feels like things are wobbling. Eagle view and Mouse view and what you can do to shift perspectives.  Colleen & Robyn can be reached at: Social: facebook/reikilifestyle insta: @colleenbenelli Facebook/insta: @robynbenellireiki

  • Reiki Journey for Stability

    Reiki Journey for Stability

    10/04/2020 Duración: 38min

    Breathe in the wisdom of stability from the Tree of Life! Robyn leads you in a Reiki Journey meditation over the Bridge of Light to the Tree of Life. Along the way you do Chakra and color work on the bridge; you let go of things in the River of Life from this life, past lives, and genetic memory that are no longer serving you; and you bring in the vitality, power, and wisdom of stability from the beautiful Tree of the Life! Robyn and Colleen Benelli can be reached Colleen@reikilifestyle.comSocial:Facebook/Insta: @Robynbenellireiki Colleen @colleenbenelli

  • Distance Reiki Share 4-7-2020

    Distance Reiki Share 4-7-2020

    07/04/2020 Duración: 40min

    In today's distance share we did a lot of Reiki in the breakout rooms so the audio isn't the longest. But there are some great tidbits in there about breakout rooms! Plus Robyn leads a full moon guided invocation at 14:50.  You can find the Invocations booklet at The Spanish version will be uploaded soon!  Colleen, Robyn, and Danni smith can be reached at: Social: insta: @colleenbenelli Facebook/Insta: @robynbenellireiki

  • Online Reiki w/William Rand

    Online Reiki w/William Rand

    02/04/2020 Duración: 01h20min

    Founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) William Lee Rand is on this episode of the podcast. He talks with Colleen and Robyn about teaching Reiki classes online and the new ICRT Holy Fire® Reiki Master Training Webinar: "How to Teach Reiki Classes Online". Topics of the episode include the historical basis for teaching Reiki classes online; how this came to be; the new energy, ignition, and experiences; details about what training and materials are included; and answering common questions about the webinar.  The webinar "How to Teach Reiki Classes Online" is Saturday April 4 at 11am EST. You can learn more or register at Reiki.Org. William Rand can be reached ICRT social:Facebook @internationalcenterforreikitrainingInsta: @icrtofficial Colleen and Robyn can be reached Social Colleen:facebook: @reikilifestyleInsta: @colleenbenelli Social Robyn:facebook/insta: @Robynbenellirei

  • Distance Reiki Share 3.31.20

    Distance Reiki Share 3.31.20

    31/03/2020 Duración: 01h34min

    Audio from our distance Reiki Share. Today we shared about invocations and how to write your own invocation! You can download our free e-book "Prayers and Invocations", with a few examples of invocations that you can use for your healing practice, and 5 steps to write your own! We spent time sending each other Reiki and connected with each other, our beautiful Reiki Community. We will continue to support you and each other as we navigate through this difficult time. We will be doing these Tuesday Reiki Shares for a while!  Prayers and Invocations booklet can be found at:   Colleen Benelli & Robyn Benelli can be reached at:   Social: instagram: @colleenbenelli facebook/insta: @robynbenellireiki  

  • Distance Reiki Share from 3.24.20

    Distance Reiki Share from 3.24.20

    25/03/2020 Duración: 02h04min

    We weren’t planning on releasing this as an episode on the podcast but had a lot of people asking us to do so, so here it is! This is our Free Distance Reiki Share that we held on 3.24.20 on Zoom, at one point we had over 100 people! You’ll have to excuse the informal format, but it was amazing getting together and sending Reiki to each other. We all felt so much better afterward! We talk a lot about distance Reiki, Zoom and how to start your own Distance Reiki Share with your community.  Below is the Zoom tutorial link we referenced. Colleen leads us in an invocation too!   Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at:

  • Guided Reiki Sound Healing by Lauri Shainsky

    Guided Reiki Sound Healing by Lauri Shainsky

    23/03/2020 Duración: 08min

    Lauri Shainsky Ph.D. amplifies her Reiki healing with sound. This guided Reiki Sound Healing by Lauri reveals transformation and shifts in body, mind, and soul. She carries forward the intention for health, strong immunity, and to weather the waves of this time.  Lauri Shainsky Ph.D. can be reached at:   Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at:

  • Guest: Lauri Shainsky Ph.D.

    Guest: Lauri Shainsky Ph.D.

    23/03/2020 Duración: 01h39min

    On this episode of the podcast Colleen and Robyn talk with Shamanic Sound Healer Lauri Shainsky. Lauri is a long-time friend and colleague and they cover a variety of topics involving Reiki, Shamanic Sound Healing, and other modalities Lauri works with. Including listening to the birds and how that can change your life. Imbuing your coffee with sound. How Lauri experiences the Reiki symbols in 3D and in sound waves. Her sound healing practice and how she uses Reiki and her other modalities together. Sound-Healing-on-the-fly. How does Sound Healing work? Healing our fears around using our voice and not being a “good singer”. What can you expect from a sound-healing session or class! Reiki Lifestyle® Podcast also released a separate beautiful Guided Reiki Sound Healing by Lauri. Lauri Shainsky Ph.D. can be reached at:   Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at: ReikiLi

  • Online Reiki Circle March 2020

    Online Reiki Circle March 2020

    18/03/2020 Duración: 01h54min

    Mindfulness Meditation @12:08. Today's hot topics @31:00: Telecommunity. Reiki and connectedness. How to manage your mental/emotional/spiritual self during physical distancing. Distance Reiki solutions for self and as a Practitioner. This was the first episode we did on video with callers from around the country and it was so wonderful to connect with each other in this way! We love our Reiki community! Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at: Social Colleen: Facebook: @reikilifestyle insta: @colleenbenelli Social Robyn: facebook/insta: @robynbenellireiki

  • Guided Reiki Journey: Release Fear, Reveal Solutions

    Guided Reiki Journey: Release Fear, Reveal Solutions

    13/03/2020 Duración: 15min

    Colleen guides you on a Reiki Lifestyle Guided Journey Meditation. What fears can you let go of? What solutions can you bring in? In this time we need self-care, Reiki energy healing, and solutions more than ever! Colleen can be reached at: Reiki  

  • Practical Reiki Solutions for Coronavirus

    Practical Reiki Solutions for Coronavirus

    09/03/2020 Duración: 48min

    Colleen and Robyn discuss practical things Reiki practitioners can do in response to Coronavirus and other transmissible diseases. This is a very solution oriented podcast, with solutions for distance Reiki techniques and online options for practitioners. Colleen and Robyn also talk about solutions for touch free in-person sessions, shares, and classes. Reiki can always be used to find solutions for your particular situation. Colleen also guides us on a meditation that can be used to rise above any cloud of fear and into the solution-oriented light of Reiki! Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at: Colleen social: Facebook: Insta: @ColleenBenelli Robyn Social: @robynbenellireiki  

  • Guest: Cami Coté

    Guest: Cami Coté

    06/03/2020 Duración: 01h36min

    Cami Coté of Heart Rhythm Reiki® has been an inspiration in the body positivity movement for many people including Colleen and Robyn. In this episode Cami talks about her journey to body positivity which is really a journey to self-love and wholeness. She shares many wonderful tips and techniques about non-appearance related compliments and getting to a place of self-love, acceptance, and wholeness and what to do if you're having a bad day or struggling with body positivity and how to use Reiki for support in all of it. She also leads us in an amazing guided experience “The Light of Self-Love” Experience.  Cami is a Holy Fire 3 Karuna® Reiki Master practitioner and Licensed Reiki Master Teacher who is in the final phase of the LRMTTP with the ICRT, Colleen is her teacher and mentor. She is located in Missoula Montana and teaches all of over Montana, Washington, and Idaho. She has extensive training in Yoga, Shamanic and Clairvoyant healing, sound therapy, reflexology, Cacao Ceremony facilitation, and Red Tent

  • Guest: Allison Ayala

    Guest: Allison Ayala

    26/02/2020 Duración: 01h36min

    Reiki Master and Astrologer Allison Ayala is on this episode sharing how to combine Reiki and Astrology! What are birth charts? What are transits? How do you send Reiki to the good and challenging parts of your chart and current planetary transits? She tells us how to use Reiki to fortify to powerful transits or aspects of your birth chart. And tells us how to use Reiki for the hard and challenging times or aspects. She also shares 5 practical ways to combine Reiki and Astrology right now! These two are such powerful modalities, this episode sheds light on the ways to use them as tools for a fully empowered life! Allison can be reached at: email: insta: @starsongreiki facebook: @AllisonAyala Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli can be reached at: Colleen social: facebook: @ReikiLifestyle insta: @ColleenBenelli Robyn Social: facebook/insta: @RobynBenelliReiki 

  • Online Reiki Circle Feb 2020

    Online Reiki Circle Feb 2020

    20/02/2020 Duración: 01h56min

    Mindful Meditation Invocation @26:20. Hot Topics @39:25. Physical reactions to Reiki and how to help with it. Using Reiki for the recent astrological transits. How to view our higher perspectives. Tools for wellness and self-love. More questions answered about Animal Reiki. Reiki and our aging parents. How do you not let others' opinions of Reiki affect you?   Read Allison Ayala’s blog here about the recent astrological transits and how to use Reiki to help.  Colleen’s article Reiki and our Aging Parents and Loved Ones Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached Colleen Social:facebook: @reikilifestyleinsta: @colleenbenelli Robyn Social:@robynbenellireiki Animal Reiki Info: Colleen, Robyn, and Sioux are teaching classes (outside) of Portland, Oregon. You can find more information here: Pamela Allen-LeBlanc is teaching classes in Atlantic Canada (and other places) and you can find her information here

  • Animal Reiki QA

    Animal Reiki Q&A

    16/02/2020 Duración: 01h21min

    On this episode Colleen and Robyn answer questions about the new Animal Reiki course they are now offering! Questions such as what is the class like and what does it involve? Why is this course different? Is there a new energy offered with this class? Does this energy heal us? What is the Divine Animal Kingdom? Colleen and Robyn answer these questions and go into depth into the energetic qualities and the practical elements of the class. If you have questions about the new Usui/Holy Fire® 3  Animal Reiki 1 & 2 class you will want to listen to this episode.  The new manual and class is written by Colleen and Robyn Benelli, Sioux Strong, and Pamela Allen-LeBlanc. Colleen, Robyn, and Sioux are teaching classes (outside) of Portland, Oregon. You can find more information here: Pamela Allen-LeBlanc is teaching classes in Atlantic Canada (and other places) and you can find her information here:

  • Guest: Kelly Keefe

    Guest: Kelly Keefe

    11/02/2020 Duración: 01h21min

    Guest Kelly Keefe, the founder of Heartspace Healing Academy, discusses what the Heartspace means, and how we can connect in further with our own heartspace, and heal and empower it and how we can use Reiki as a tool to do this. She shares tips on how to build and manage a strong nervous system. We also discuss Reiki and the generations to come. She leads us in a couple of small exercises including checking in with our heartspace, a rainbow wash, and a guided meditation exercise at the end of the episode! Kelly is a Reiki Master and teacher who founded the Heartspace Healing Academy in 2018 after 6 years of private practice. She is an author, speaker, artist, renaissance woman, and empowerment coach who lives fully and loves to see others do the same. She has studied with spiritual leaders around the world including learning the ancient tradition of cacao ceremony from Mayan elders and hands on healing with other indigenous elders. Kelly is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people connect with th

  • Guest: Jill Thiel

    Guest: Jill Thiel

    01/02/2020 Duración: 01h22min

    Jill Thiel owner and founder of Minnesota Reiki Center for Training and Healing, is on this episode to discuss practical body mechanics for Reiki practitioners. How do you stand correctly when giving a Reiki treatment? What size table to do you use? How do you have proper body mechanics for sustained and repetitive movements when you are a practitioner? And how do you create a wellness and self-care routine for yourself when you give so much to others? These are all topics discussed on this episode. Jill shares very practical tips and tricks for you to use in your practice. Even if you are not a professional practitioner, there is useful information for all Reiki enthusiasts in this episode!   Jill Thiel can be found at: Insta minnesota_Reiki_CenterHer article "Better Body Mechanics in Reiki" can be found in the Winter 2019 issue of Reiki News Magazine: Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached Colleen Social:facebook: @rei

  • Online Reiki Circle Jan 2020

    Online Reiki Circle Jan 2020

    15/01/2020 Duración: 02h02min

    Invocation at 37:10 Todays hot topics @51:50: Animal Reiki! The light of beauty. The Reiki world peace grid. A lot about Karuna Reiki and the cap being lifted. Miracles through Reiki. Heidi and John Kowalchyk hold a Reiki retreat on the East Coast, for more information check out Reiki healing limiting beliefs. Reiki and spirit guides. Distance Reiki. Reiki your way. Professional ethics and conduct, including safe touch. Colleen and Robyn Benelli can be reached at Social Colleen: Facebook: Instagram: @colleenbenelli Social Robyn: Facebook, Insta: @robynbenellireiki 

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