How I Lost

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Austin dives in with entrepreneurs who've experienced multiple losses in pursuit of their dream.


  • 3 Lessons Learned From Failure

    3 Lessons Learned From Failure

    07/02/2018 Duración: 10min

    After taking a tremendous L in 2017, in this episode I break down the top 3 lessons I learned as a result of my experience. These lessons are applicable in any area of life but especially in entrepreneurship. You don't want to miss these.

  • How I Lost $1,000,000

    How I Lost $1,000,000

    06/01/2018 Duración: 10min

    The first installment of the How I Lost podcast where I introduce the platform to listeners and describe what they can expect from the podcast. I also briefly dice into my recent experience if losing $1,000,000 in 2017 and how taking this "L" is preparing me for my next move.