O Fiddle Dee Dee



The podcast for the Gone With the Wind obsessed where Alica, Corrin and Dani discuss Gone With the Wind and everything realted to it.


  • GWTW 016 : Origons of the f-Word

    GWTW 016 : Origons of the f-Word


    Foul language content - origins of the f-word....weird on ebay,featured fics....new episode coming soon.,

  • GWTW 015 : BlueBeginnings

    GWTW 015 : BlueBeginnings


    The Ladies of oFiddle Dee Dee welcome our friend from Atlanta Bluesneak to the show while we discuss weird and wonderful on ebay, Clark Gable the cub and his cougars, and the myriad of trashy Russian sequels to GWTW,Featured Fic: In the Beginning by BluesneakINcomplete Fic: What if by SpaceGrace

  • GWTW 014 : George of the Wind

    GWTW 014 : George of the Wind


    The Ofiddle Dee Dee trio discuss George Cuker and our plan for the summerFeatured Fic: Talk of the Town by MW

  • GWTW 013: Corns Coma

    GWTW 013: Corn's Coma


    Are we all Corrin's manifestation and dreams while she is in a coma? Was Margaret Mitchell racially inappropriate in her time?Incomplete fic: A New Direction Complete Fic: The Lost Weekend

  • GWTW 011: Three Horsemen and Smut

    GWTW 011: Three Horsemen and Smut


    Alica and Corrin welcome our new co-host Dani. We discuss the final week's selections for crossover month other random topics.

  • GWTW 012: Shatter Screens

    GWTW 012: Shatter Screens


    What would GWTW been like if we had 4 or 5x the story, and other odd discussions...