Wikid Power - How To Make Influential Decisions For Superiority

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Decision-making is as vital to success as mathematics!
How many decisions have you made today?
Were you taught how?
Everyone makes decisions more often than they use mathematics but decision-making is not taught ... until now.
The process outlined in Wikid Power shows you how to make influential decisions that deliver such incredible results that the military wanted to classify the process beyond "Top Secret". Following an easy to remember step-by-step process Ian leads you on the journey to become masterful and superior in all your decision-making.
This book is for anyone who makes decisions anytime or anywhere:
Leaders get the best decisions and results from your team
Parents ensure your decisions are the best for your children and help them learn how to make decisions for their future
Teachers from prep to university determine futures, be a teacher who's remembered for moulding great futures
Everyone make personal decisions that get you where you want in life
Ian Coombe developed Wikid Power to help military leaders learn a decision-making process vital to succeed. He introduced his military's first group decision-making capability and then facilitated myriad decisions for others from everyday matters to the Olympics and to urgent national security issues. He has been awarded a US military commendation and an Australian Leadership Excellence Award (ALEA). His decision-making process, experience and authority is unrivalled.
If you're not using Wikid Power those you deal with might be.
Join the decisions leaders!