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It’s not an ACT- We have ACTOR Rayan Lawrence from Power & Barbershop and more with us!



On this episode we have Brooklyn born and raised now living the Hollywood Dream actor Rayan Lawrence also known from the Showtime show Power, the famous Ice Cube movies “Barbershop” and even the show “All My Children” just to name a few. We reminisce New York Fashion week where we originally met the star as we provided WorthABillion apparel for him and his entire cast, we talk about what happened between then and now, how it felt to work alongside people such as Tyler Perry, Kiki Palmer and Ice Cube and where his career is heading, his overnight success on ESPN and what his Greater Goals are in life! * * * If you haven’t yet please be sure to subscribe and follow GnG_GreaterGoalsLifestyle on your favorite streaming networks including YOUTUBE & TIKTOK Instagram @Giagetsitall @GnG_GreaterGoalsLifestyle @WorthABillionApparel * * * #Greatergoalslifestyle #knowyourworth #worthabillionapparel #greatergoals #reach4greatergoals #willabean444