Paul And Rach | A Show Hosted By Two Ex-radio Co-hosts Where Nothing Is Off-limits

Ep68: Holy Linkedin, Sweaty Man Boobs And The Truth About Long Term Relationships



In episode sixty-eight of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss sweaty man boobs, why camping sucks, Holy Linkedin and why they're scared of swearing on twitter.  They chat about Oprah buying into Weight Watchers, Rach's terrible financial advice, the new Star Wars and the truth about long term relationships.  They talk about how forgetfulness can help a relationship, the phenomenon that is Dr Pimple Popper, why Playboy is turning over a new leaf and Rach's Snapchat confusion.  They discuss email mix ups, whether dry cleaning is a scam, how to pretend you're a stylist and they give a 5 star shout out to a mad rooter.  As always they finish up with Rach's Story Time.