Paul And Rach | A Show Hosted By Two Ex-radio Co-hosts Where Nothing Is Off-limits

Ep69: Rach's Radio Feud, The Book Of Jaden Smith And The Gong Of International Consequence



In episode sixty-nine of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss Rach's first ever radio feud, why missing a call from Paulie is the worst thing ever and the unsurprising news that bacon is bad for us.  They chat about why the national anthem is boring, the Back to the Future prediction that did come true, hate mail and the gong of international consequence.  They educate Rach on the way the internet works, talk about why Russia's gonna steal the internet, the hottest dorm room restaurant in NYC and 'famous' photos at Harry's Cafe de Wheels.  They discuss Halloween etiquette, why there's one day a year it's ok to get candy from a stranger, the weirdness of internet relationships, the book of Jaden Smith and the BS of modern art.  They talk about why cleaners are the smartest people in the world, why Paulie yells and poor people and they finish up with a 5 star shout out and Rach's Story Time.