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Ep71: Lamb Skin Prophylactics, Hospital Ambience And What Paulie And George Clooney Have In Common



In episode seventy-one of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are back after two weeks in the iTunes wilderness.  They discuss the punish of traveling wth kids, what Paulie has in common with George Clooney, wearing active wear to court and Rach's new TV show idea.  They chat about why Rach changed her mind about Anthony Mundine, why hospitals should have a think about their ambience and whether Bindi Irwin is hot yet.  They talk about vacuums and hand dryers, why Rach doesn't care about the environment and is angry at the elderly  and why Lindsay Buckingham is a douche.  They hear from a few porn stars, discuss a new banana app idea and talk about why HIV is the least controversial thing Charlie Sheen has ever done.  They finish up with a 5-star shout out to some awesome Mad Rooters and Rach's Story Time.