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Ep76: Paul And Rach Have Their First Fight Over Jelly



In episode seventy-six of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are doing the show from a disease zone and they chat about Paulie's new weight loss tips, the five-two diet, what Rach would do for a red Powerade and they have their first fight over jelly.  They discuss Rach's lone chin pube, the embarrassment of buying emergency loo roll, the latest from Jada Pinkett Smith and the most ridiculous thing in the Oscars goodie bag.  They talk about the waste of money that is luxury toilet paper, why the celebs on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here are doing gossip columnists jobs for them and why people get frightened by chopsticks.  They discuss why Rach's dad thinks he's Asian, the latest on Gav and Waz from The Block, why we need to rename the 'bucket list' and what Rach will be like when she's old.  As always they wrap it up with a five-star shout out and Rach's Story Time.