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Ep82: The Art Of Spruiking, The Joy Of Silence And The Yoni Massage



In episode eighty-two of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett are back in the same room together, discussing the joys of having your weekend on a Tuesday, Glenn Lazarus' obsession with footy metaphors, how the Easter Show could save the economy and why Paulie is confused about Jeebers.  They chat about the time Paulie's dad won 'dad of the year,' the yoni massage, the art of spruiking, Erin Andrews' and why Rach loves silence.  They talk about the Grand Prix, who's paying $120,000 for a car, people who have no control over their limbs and the best de-friending trick for Facebook.  As always they wrap it up with Rach's Story Time.