The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 1 of 13

THE MYTHIC JOURNEY. Campbell lays the groundwork for understanding the immeasurable value of myth to our lives.

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 10 of 13

THE HEART OF MYTH. "Myths do not come from a concept system; they come from a life system...from where the heart is, and where the experience is” says Campbell.

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 5 of 13

THE PATHLESS PATH. Describing the nature of the vision quest, Campbell explores the authentic Western spirit and the relevance of myth in restoring our relationship with the...

A Joseph Campbell Companion Reflections on the Art of Living

Find yourself in myth“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” —Joseph CampbellOne of Joseph Campbell’s most popular, most quoted works, A Joseph Campbell...

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 12 of 13

ADVENTURES IN MYTH. Campbell tells us why the quest is the highest adventure and how its pursuit will transform our lives.

Myths to Live By The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell

Discover MythJoseph Campbell famously compared mythology to a kangaroo pouch for the human mind and spirit: "a womb with a view." In Myths to Live By, he examines all of the ways...

An Interview with Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Susan Campbell Bartoletti is the award-winning author of young adult non-fiction titles like "Hitler Youth," "Kids on Strike!," and "Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish...

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 11 of 13

FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS. Heeding the "call of the Hero" and following your heart's longing is the challenge of contemporary times.

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 4 of 13

MYTHIC HORIZONS. The "essential drift" of mythology is that behind our apparent separateness is a fundamental unity among people.

The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Part 13 of 13

THE UNIVERSAL MYSTERY. Here Campbell discusses the four functions of mythology, and how it operates in all our lives.

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