Staying Safe Online

What information is safe to share online? Why are screen names important? What are chat rooms and search engines? Look inside to find the answers to these questions and more. By...

Princes and Princesses

Today's princes and princesses do more than attend fancy balls. Peek inside to learn about their royal lives.

Kings and Queens

Long ago, kings and queens ruled many lands. Peek inside to learn what kings and queens do today.


Knights began training for battle at age 7. Knights were fearless soldiers. Peek inside to learn about the lives of knights.

William Jefferson Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States. Learn about his childhood, education, and work as president.

A Short History of Christmas

Young readers learn about the early traditions which have led to our present-day celebration of Christmas.

School Long Ago and Today

What was school like in the days of old? Can you imagine studying in a tiny one-room schoolhouse, writing out lessons on a chalkboard slate? Discover how school life has changed...

Mad Scientists The Not-So-Crazy Work of Amazing Scientists

Drinking vomit. Breathing poisonous gasses. Creating two headed dogs. These mad acts aren’t just the stuff  gross out stories and horror movies. They are real things that real...

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt became first lady on March 4, 1933. But before she lived at the White House, she was a teacher and activist who worked for women's rights. Learn about her...

Food Safety

Why is it important to wash your food and hands? What are bacteria? When should food be placed into the refrigerator? Look inside to find the answers to these questions and more....

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