The Missing Monster Card

Ethan can't wait to show Zack his new Monster Card. But when Ethan can't find the new card, the search for the missing Monster Card begins.

The Lost Lunch

When Andrew's lunch goes missing, he is left sad and hungry. With the help of his friend Dylan, the search for the lost lunch begins!

Stephenie Meyer Author of the Twilight Series

Readers will learn about the life and works of Stephenie Meyer. This young adult author’s life leading up to her success as the best-selling author of the Twilight series is...

Manners Matter on a Field Trip

Who is using good manners on a field trip? Can you guess who is using bad manners? Take a peek at students on the bus and at the museum to see how they use good manners to take...

Dirty Gertie

Content-based Read-it! Readers are perfect for the independent reader or to read aloud. Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how social studies and character education...

Bree's Bike Jump

Bree just cannot do it. The big bike jump is too big, too steep, and too scary. Is there any way for Bree to pedal through her fears?

The Cat That Disappeared

The pet show is about to start, and Ava can't find her cat. It's time to do some detective work. Ava, Clair, and Caleb are on the case!

Vote for Our Zoo

Jamie loves the zoo. But the zoo is worn out. If a special city-wide vote doesn't pass, the zoo will have to close. Will Jamie and her friends' campaign be able to save the zoo?

The End Zone

My First Graphic Novel These books are the perfect introduction to the world of safe, appealing graphic novels. Each story uses familiar topics, repeating patterns, and core...

The Boston Tea Party

Boston Harbor is full of British tea! But the Colonists aren’t drinking it. They aren’t having a party for fun. They’re sending an angry message to King George III. Here’s...

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