Something Dreadful Down Below Quickreads

Did Jack's disappearance have anything to do with Mr. Devorka's snakes? Maybe Gus didn't know his missing friend as well as he thought he did.

The Accuser Quickreads

Ricky is the only family Donyell Mason has left. When Ricky becomes a prime suspect in a terrible crime, Donyell sets about to clear his big brother.

Black Widow Beauty Quickreads

Monique Reed is a gorgeous girl, all right. Is it her fault that every guy she dates ends up having a freak accident?

Dark Secrets Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

At school it looks like Naomi and Clay are just a happy couple. But there's a darkness in him. He doesn't treat Naomi right. He's jealous and spiteful. So why does Naomi put up...

The Stranger Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

Ernesto Sandoval begins his junior year at Cesar Chavez High School a virtual stranger. He didn't want to move back to the barrio after a decade in Los Angeles. After all, he had...

Sounds of Terror Quickreads

Cindy lives in a fancy gated community. Philip lives in a tacky trailer park. Which of them comes from a loving home?

The Water's Edge Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

Ernesto began the year a stranger in a new school. Now, with their junior year ending, the students at Chavez High are looking to the future and making plans. But what will that...

Leap of Faith Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

The robberies in the barrio are becoming increasing bold and unsettling. After a recent robbery, Ernesto swears that he recognizes a suspect fleeing the crime scene. But is he...

Deliverance Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

Naomi can’t believe her good luck. First she gets a job at the local frozen yogurt shop. Then she gets an immediate raise. Her dream car is within her grasp. But why does the...

The Unforgiven Urban Underground-Cesar Chavez High

The split in the Martinez family is real and painful. Expelled from the family, the two eldest make their own way. Felix Martinez is a hard man to love. But Naomi is determined to...

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