Shifflett: Family Royalty Spelled Many Ways

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Two years ago I lost a family member: Her name was Georgia Ann Shifflett Brinley. Her dying wish was for me to publish this radio broadcast which she sent me on CD. It has been two years and now my heart can step up and take the story under arm for her legacy. The radio show starts out with her and the announcer.

The Shifflett Family is a very large and famous royal family from several countries but no matter how spelled are all the same family. Many are the stories passed down of this family and many have not heard this recorded version as of yet, it being tucked far away and no way of publishing in the family's grasp till now as cousin I am doing for all.

I hope all the family and many historians reach out to listen as all is just one detailed story of the famous family and their early life way back to before plantation times.

Yes Georgia Ann Shifflett Brinley it is done.

Your Loving Cousin who misses you so much.

Author Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner