The Apothecary Garden Homegrown Remedies for Beauty and Well Being

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The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" was never more true than it is today. Even with the spectacular advances we've seen in modern medicine in the past hundred years, there is no substitute for sensible self-care through the wise use of herbal remedies. The problem is, herbal remedies can be notoriously expensive. But did you know that many herbs can be grown easily in your own kitchen garden? It's true! You can save yourself a ton of money and support your health at the same time by growing your own apothecary herbs for health and beauty. It's like having a pharmacy right outside your back door.

For instance, echinacea is a gorgeous bloomer in the flower garden and a genius for immune support. Plus, it's super easy to cultivate. Calendula is so easy to grow that it's almost a weed, and yet its costly oil does wonders for your complexion. Why pay the druggist top dollar when you can grow your own medicinal herbs?

"The Apothecary Garden" is a rich resource of herb lore combined with savvy tips for growing your own. Get this great audio from entertaining speaker and author Liv Montgomery, and start cultivating your bloom of health today!