The Declaration of Independence

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In less than 60 minutes of listening to this audio-book, you will have heard the original 1776 United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson's account of the Declaration, and much more.

To improve your understanding of this historic document, we have included original readings and commentary related to this subject, such as the Virginia Declaration of Rights, drafted a few months before the Declaration of Independence.

This additional information will furnish you with original source material, giving you a fuller understanding of the context and events surrounding the Declaration of Independence. Whether you are doing a book report for school or just want to brush up on your American history, this is a great place to start.

Featured Tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Jefferson's account of the Declaration of Independence
  3. Brief history of the Declaration
  4. Drafting the Documents
  5. Reading of the Virginia Declaration of Rights: May, 1776
  6. George Mason (1725-92): Author of the Virginia Declaration
  7. The Call for Independence
  8. Republicanism in America: Our two-party system
  9. American Revolution, 1776-83
  10. Drafting the Declaration of Independence
  11. Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826
  12. Reading of the Declaration of Independence: July 1776
  13. Analysis of the Declaration
  14. Simply Notes
  15. Simply Discussion