Thomas Jefferson

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With this audiobook, you will learn about Thomas Jefferson through a compilation of original readings and commentary, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, Jefferson's 10 Canons for Observation in Practical Life, his various correspondence and quotes, details on his presidential campaign, and his first and second Inaugural Address. Also included is an overview of his education and early life.
The listener should be aware of what this audiobook is not: it is not an academic work, nor intended for professors, nor a complete long study of the subject. It is intended for students, teachers, parents, and interested parties. If this one-hour audio interests you as it has others, this will provide a gateway to longer works on this subject and related ones if you are so interested. Otherwise, this has been quite enough information for most listeners, who report relistening to it several times. The source of this audiobook was a live lecture, and it has all the immediacy of one, complete with background noise!This information will furnish you with source material and give you a fuller understanding of Jefferson's life. These are the subjects covered:
1. A summary of Jefferson's life
2. Jefferson's education and early life
3. His political career from 1774 to 1800
4. The presidential campaign of 1800
5. The presidency, 1801-1809
6. The Louisiana Purchase, signed May 12, 1803
7. The Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1803 to 1806
8. The founding of Virginia University, 1819 to 1825
9. Jefferson the man: his appearance, temperament, and family
10. Jefferson's political philosophy
11. The Adams-Jefferson correspondence
12. Jefferson's death and epitaph
13. A reading of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
14. The Virginia Statute's background