Gardening on the Cheap Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of Your Kitchen Garden

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Sign up or sign in to see availability for your saved libraries at a glance. Think you don't have the time, space or budget to grow your own produce? Think again! Popular speaker and author Liv Montgomery brings you a lifetime of budgetwise gardening shortcuts to use in your urban garden, suburban mini-farm or modern homestead. Did you know that the best all-natural seed starting medium can easily be found in bulk for about a dollar? Did you know the gardener's beloved secret ingredient - compost or "black gold"—doesn't have to be messy, or even smelly? Did you know that the easiest way to get an abundance of vegetable seeds doesn't have to cost you a cent?

Now you can grow lucious tomatoes, crisp green beans, delicious potatoes, carrots, beats, bananas, figs, strawberries and more with a minimum of time, space, expense and effort—indoors or out. Upgrade your garden menu and your health today, on the cheap!