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A Comedic Review Podcast About Stargate Atlantis


  • 18. Torture with a Side of Relish (S1E18)

    18. Torture with a Side of Relish (S1E18)


    It's the beginning of the end (of the first season)! In this one we talk about The Siege part 1 and geez whiz it's a big one. We say goodbye to Handsome Scientist. We meet and lose our new wraith friend, Relish, in the course of 5 minutes. We mention some new email friends and shamelessly plug our new social media account.Episode Link

  • 17. Dr Charlatan (S1E17)

    17. Dr Charlatan (S1E17)


    Time to grab a big old steaming cup of coffee, and keep those eyes wide open because it's a bad dream episode! There's nightmares, goofy make up, and a psychologist trained in unsubstantiated medical practices. That's right, it's season 1 episode 17 (18?) "The Gift."Episode Link

  • 16. Leadership (S1E16)

    16. Leadership (S1E16)


    Jinkies! The gang sure is in a pickle! If you are a fan of a certain egotistical, hypoglycemic (or potentially major lead pothead) Canadian scientist this might be a good episode for you; Rodney jokes abound.Download Link

  • 15. Never Trust an Archaeologist

    15. Never Trust an Archaeologist


    We've got a real exciting one for you this week. It's like National Treasure meets Angels and Demons meets Indiana Jones in a different galaxy. Some really high concept stuff. Also Wrinkly Brolin gets a new name, David revolutionizes castle-building, and Lukas betrays his embarrassing love for Nic Cage: Treasure Hunter.Download Link

  • 14. Short and Bitter... Very Bitter (S1E14)

    14. Short and Bitter... Very Bitter (S1E14)


    In this intensely dramatic episode, Great Grandma Weir tells Young Weir a boring story and falls asleep every ten minutes after eating a Werther's Original. Also featuring the best Weezer gag you'll hear all week.Episode Link

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