Two Wolves and a Sheep

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The wolves are running loose . . .

The American homeland is slowly being devoured by a relentless enemy, and the number of people fighting back continues to dwindle.

But all is not lost.

Ted and Emily work tirelessly to stay alive and fight back, and they've joined up with some of the leftovers missed by the initial terrorist attack. After scoring a minor victory for the fledgling rebellion, they're faced with the withering prospect of assaulting the invader's main base of operations.

Tabby is already there. She and her friends have been captured; what she does after learning the objectives of the enemy leader will determine whether she lives to see another day.

And Deogee? She's just happy to be with her Black Labrador friend Biscuit. However, these pups may have stumbled upon the terrorist's greatest secret . . .

Today, all roads lead to NORAD.


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