Sex Without Stress A Couple's Guide to Overcoming Disappointment, Avoidance, and Pressure

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Isn't sex supposed to be easy? Do sexual problems mean I'm in the wrong relationship? How do we get to the point where sex is fun again? Am I broken? Is there any hope?

Jessa Zimmerman takes on the heart-wrenching questions that naturally arise when couples are struggling with sex. Once sex becomes synonymous with disappointment, avoidance sets in and creates pressure in the bedroom. In this straightforward and practical audiobook, Zimmerman guides us to understand the cycle that develops when sex is difficult, to shift our mindset when it comes to sexual intimacy, and to transform our sexual experience with our partner using a nine-phase experiential process.

"I wrote Sex Without Stress to bring hope and transformation to all of the couples who are in good relationships but are suffering in their sex lives and don't see a way forward. It's totally normal to struggle in your sex life, because at some point you are going to run into common obstacles like sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, or even just a busy life. By changing the way you think about intimacy and relationships, and by working through my 9-phase process, you can transform your sex life. And when your sex life is working, your whole relationship is going to work better," says Zimmerman.