Paul And Rach | A Show Hosted By Two Ex-radio Co-hosts Where Nothing Is Off-limits

Ep74: Alien Babies, Spot The Difference And We Go Back To Spoiler Town



In episode seventy-four of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why Rach is wearing Paulie's clothes, why a bunch of ladies think they've given birth to alien babies, why corporate Australia has us fooled and they take a return trip to Spoiler Town.  They talk about what Rach wears to bed, why Paulie deserves a medal for his lawn, Rach's beat boxing dreams and they ask some 'Questions for Paulie.'  They chat about their pet peeves, the worst internet fad ever, why students think they can get away with things in class and they play 'Spot the Difference' Picture Magazine Edition.  As always they finish up with a five-star shout and Rach's Story Time.