Paul And Rach | A Show Hosted By Two Ex-radio Co-hosts Where Nothing Is Off-limits

Ep78: Monkeys Eating Pumpkin With Sunglasses On



In episode seventy-eight of Paul and Rach, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett discuss why Rach could do a drag show and why she's never drinking again.  They talk about why Canberra is Paulie's porn, how Rach is running a window shopping service for criminals, what to do when you see a stranger lying and monkeys eating pumpkin with sunglasses on (don't ask).  They ask what's the deal with receipts, ponder how we can fix the environment in the supermarket, why it's a punish being stuck behind the Hop On Hop Off bus and how people can be dicks.  They discuss stupid criminal news, the ham burgler, how to get cheap air conditioning in summer and they take someone to town for a 2-star shout out.  As always they wrap it up with Rach's Story Time.